My father's best friend through High School and F&M College was a man named Richard Winters. You may have heard of the WW2 exploits of Major Dick Winters from the Band of Brothers book and subsequent highly acclaimed HBO miniseries. I wanted to remind Americans again of how different Christmas is...
We were fortunate enough to be able to make it down to Columbia International University this weekend to see our eldest daughter graduate college. She finished in 3.5 years saving us a few sheckels too! She now has a BS in Bible and Intercultural Studies. We had to finish our magazine even earlie...
Missed again. Lesson one. Not for use on goats.
No don't bother looking it up. It is only a fictional day a friend of mine coined. And it's only known to us, but there is a funny story attached to it. 4 years ago today, my mom passed away. She was 86 and lived a full life. She loved Jesus so I know where she is now and I'll get to see her agai...
Last night we tuned in to see what all the hubbub was about Phil Robertson and we found it was time for Charlie Brown Christmas again.  I can't help posting this every year... I knew there was a good reason I turned the TV on last evening!  Everyone loves A Charlie Brown Christmas. It was written...
We gave our youngest daughter latitude to paint her own bedroom last year. She could pick colors and I'd help her paint it but she wanted to help. She was 16 when we did this. She did all the "extra artwork". It was part of her birthday wish. We are so amazed by this girl. It is no wonder she is ...
what it will be like to meet Jesus in the flesh some day. I broke down in tears this morning in my normal worship time, while singing I Can Only Imagine, the song by Mercy Me. The lyrics are so very real... Surrounded by Your glory, what will my heart feel, Will I dance for you Jesus, or in awe o...
There are 4 basic principles of transformation. The word transform is from the Latin Trans; meaning beyond, across and the Greek forma; form, shape, likeness. Together in the Latin it means to change in shape. When we accept Jesus Christ as King of Kings and Lord of all creation, we are to be tra...

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