This guiltiest dog in the world made me laugh out loud. I hope it does the same for you. I've read where a good belly laugh is worth 5 minutes of exercise. Watch it 10 times and have a full workout today.     Psalm 126:2 Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Then it...
Easy As 1, 2, 4   Proof that you can't ever underestimate the creativeness of American boys for mischief. With considering all the brilliant, devious minds we had in high school , I don't know how we missed doing this........ At a high school in Montana , a group of students played a prank....the...
Ah, spring is in the air! And all the things that go with it. It's a busy time around here. A couple of weeks ago it all started on March 3rd with the arrival of 50 baby chicks. Believe it or not, they come via USPS and we always get the call around 6:30 AM letting us know that a "NOISY" package ...
I was going to write today about all the new kids on our block! Goat kids that is. 6 of them in the last week with one more doe to go! But that will have to wait because this just came in... We "adopted" as spiritual sons and daughter, 5 kids that attend our church based Fire and Fragrance school...
Just got word from a cousin who lives in Tokyo. The following is his note to me today: Please pray for everyone affected by this gargantuan and historic tragic event. Blessed be the poor in Spirit. I've never heard him so disconcerted before and he's lived there a long time and experienced many e...
I'm speaking to the Body of Christ now, Who Are YOU? Do you know? We see the result of our current education system and the greek mindset that it's based on at play in most people we have contact with. We were created for better things for sure. We are the most valued of all spirits ever created ...
We've been hosting a group of teens in our home each Sunday night. Giving them whatever the Lord puts on our hearts at that time. This past Sunday we had some spiritual sons visiting with us from our Fire & Fragrance DTS. It's a YWAM program through our church. These boys are so on fire and very ...

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