I would like to try to explain why the Boy Scouts have refused openly gay members. I'm not defending them, as I don't think they need defended, only trying to convey why they have made the decision to keep sex orientation out of their organization. I was encouraged to hear that the Boys Scouts of...
In this election year, words of all kind are flying around and all of them negative. Mudslinging is what they call it and I believe that there are bricks mixed in with that mud this year. I would like to challenge all my Christian friends here in the rain to a fast of a different type. A word fas...
We were just watching additional footage from our DVD, Father of Lights last night. We bought the deluxe edition and are still trying to get through all the stuff that ended up on the editing room floor. This movie could have been 10 hours long and still never boring. We were just sitting with ou...
We just saw the premier of Father of Lights last night. It is the 3rd and last of a trilogy documentary series that started with the filmmaker, Darren Wilson, setting out trying to discredit some miracle stories of God that he heard about from his aunt and uncle. This final installment is the per...
To get to the other side is the answer to that moldy old joke. The Church in many of it's forms has crossed the road to the other side, called the world, and many think it's a good thing. To be loving and accepting of everyone, no matter what they believe or where they are in their lives is certa...
At the turn of the Twentieth Century, one of America's leading newspapers addressed the following question to many notable people of that time: "What in your opinion is the chief danger, social or political, that confronts the coming century?”  General William Booth, founder of Salvation Army, wa...

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