clearlake keys real estate: Clearlake Oaks Market Report...Home Prices - 07/21/10 06:08 AM
Clearlake Oaks Market Report...Home Prices
The chart below shows the Median Home Prices and the Median For Sale Prices in the Greater Clearlake Oaks area. Listing Prices continue their downward trend as many people come to grips with the reality of home values. You will also note that the Median Sold Prices continue to be quite volatile...many "fixer properties" have sold recently and they are reflected in the Median Sold Prices.
The date reflected in the chart shows the overall market. However, every sale is unique...if you would like to know what your specific home is worth, give me a call … (0 comments)

clearlake keys real estate: Clearlake Oaks Market Report - 07/19/10 09:57 AM

Clear Lake Oaks Real Estate Market Report
Sales are up in the Clear Lake Oaks area!
Is it the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit? We won't really know for a few months...It could also have been influenced by the Historically Low interest rates or the number of bargain priced Foreclosure Homes.
What we do know is that there are tremendous buying opportunities out there!
Tomorrow I will talk about Home Prices in the Clear Lake area.

clearlake keys real estate: Clearlake Oaks Homes…Clearlake Keys Waterfront Homes…Spring Valley Homes - 04/06/10 06:37 PM
Clearlake Oaks Homes...Clearlake Keys Waterfront Homes...Spring Valley Homes by Hank Montgomery, Realtor/General Contractor
Clearlake Oaks is a small community along the shores of Clear Lake...California's largest natural lake. Clearlake Oaks is actually three smaller communities; Clearlake Keys Waterfront Homes...Spring Valley Homes...and Clearlake Oaks.
In the interests of full disclosure...I love Clearlake Oaks! I also live in Clearlake Oaks, specifically the little community of Spring Valley. I have lived here for 28 years and I love it!
Each of the three communities is different and charming in their own way. What they have in common is Eastlake Elementary School. … (0 comments)

clearlake keys real estate: Clearlake Oaks...Spring Valley Hank Montgomery Realtor/General Contractor - 04/04/10 03:53 PM
Clearlake Oaks...Spring Valley is a small community and a part of the larger community of Clearlake Oaks. Spring Valley is a rural sub-division with lots averaging over ½ acres. Spring Valley is known in Lake County for having some of the most affordable developed acreage in the county. This rural sub-division features paved roads, water system, power, phone lines and unlimited recreational opportunities.
Increasingly, one of the more significant features of Clearlake Oaks...Spring Valley Homes is its affordability. The dramatic decline in Real Estate values has made the Spring Valley area a true Real Estate bargain.  Sold prices have been … (0 comments)

clearlake keys real estate: Clear Lake Keys Water Front Homes Market Report by Hank Montgomery Realtor/General Contractor - 03/31/10 04:28 PM
How much is my Clear Lake Keys Water Front Home worth? How much did the house down the street sell for? Do you know what they are asking for that house across the street? These are the most asked questions in Real Estate...these are the questions that all of us want to know. A market report won't answer those questions you'll need to consult with a local realtor. A market report is more of a community view or a neighborhood report card.
My purpose here is to give you the numbers associated with the Clear Lake Keys Water Front Homes … (0 comments)

clearlake keys real estate: Clearlake Keys Waterfront Homes...Priced like a foreclosure... - 03/29/10 01:24 PM
Clearlake Keys Waterfront Homes...Priced like a Hank Montgomery Realtor/General Contractor
Several years ago I wrote a blog post titled..."Priced to Sell or Priced to Sit?" The point of the post was that you can price your home to sell in today's market or you can price your home for yesterday's market...and let it sit. All too often we see homes priced to sit and sit they do!
As I was previewing homes the other day I found a couple of Clearlake Keys Waterfront Homes...priced like a foreclosure but they weren't. Some people are listening to their realtor or … (0 comments)

clearlake keys real estate: Clearlake Keys Waterfront Homes Foreclosure Bargains - 03/27/10 04:54 PM
Clearlake Keys Waterfront Homes...Foreclosure Bargains are available for immediate purchase. Not a week goes by without someone coming into the office and asking me about waterfront foreclosures...and yes, I have Waterfront Homes in foreclosure. As both a Realtor and a General Contractor...I seem to attract people looking for distressed properties...all those years of building and remodeling are finally paying off! There are currently 5 waterfront foreclosures for sale in Clearlake Keys Waterfront Homes and another 4 Short Sale (pre-foreclosure) homes on the market.                  
Having a Contractor friend is important when buying distressed properties...there is little to no information available and … (0 comments)

clearlake keys real estate: Clearlake Keys Waterfront Homes - 03/25/10 01:15 PM

Within the small lakefront community of Clearlake Oaks is an even smaller community...Clearlake Keys Waterfront Homes. On the shores of Clear Lake, California's largest natural lake, Clearlake Keys is a waterfront community which is comprised of a system of channels, lagoons, creek and lakefront properties.
"The Keys" as Clearlake Keys Waterfront Homes is affectionately called is home to a large number bass fishermen and fisherwomen. Clear Lake has become known as the Bass Fishing capital of the West. There are Bass Fishing tournaments virtually every weekend during the season and the Clearlake Keys Waterfront Homes is homeport to many … (0 comments)

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