lake county: Free Credit Report for Lake County First Time Home Buyers…Really Free! - 12/05/11 02:27 AM
Free Credit Report for Lake County First Time Home Buyers…Really Free!  Many Lake County First Time Home Buyers are unaware of their credit score (aka Fico score). Many more are simply afraid to find out…they know that they had a collection in the past or some other life event that they fear has negatively affected their credit score. Your credit score will affect your ability to obtain a home mortgage and can determine what interest you will be paying on that home mortgage.
There are several ways to obtain your credit score and look at your credit report. You can pay … (2 comments)

lake county: Free First Time Homebuyer Workshop…Lake County - 11/16/11 02:02 AM
Free First Time Homebuyer Workshop…Lake County - Buying a home can be an overwhelming process. Title and Escrow -Home inspections – How much to offer – Getting a mortgage…and so much more! Century 21 NorthBay Alliance is sponsoring a series of FREE First Time Homebuyer Workshops designed to assist any potential homebuyer.
The class is presented in an informal setting where you can ask questions and get answers…Join us for an information packed evening-January 10th at the Century 21 office in Lower Lake (9960 Hwy 53) and January 17th at the Century 21 office in Hidden Valley(18983 Hartman Rd., Suite 5) … (2 comments)

lake county: Does Spring Valley have a HOA (Home Owner's Association)? - 01/25/11 06:54 AM
Hank is there an HOA (Home Owner's Association) in Spring Valley? I am often asked this question as I am a Long Time Spring Valley Resident and as a Real Estate Broker...people expect that I know the answer. Spring Valley is a rural sub-division in Lake County, California. We are situated between I-5 and Hwy 101 in the Coast Range set of mountains and home to the LARGEST natural lake in California...Clear Lake.
Okay, back to the question: Does Spring Valley have a HOA (Home Owner's Association)?
The answer: NO!!!!
There is no Home Owner's Association in Spring Valley Lake subdivision. There … (1 comments)

lake county: Hank...I'm afraid they are going to Foreclose on my house, can you help me? - 01/19/11 02:41 AM
Hank...I'm afraid they are going to Foreclose on my house, can you help me? This is the number one question that we at the Lake County Short Sale Team receive. And when we hear that question our immediate inclination is to say yes...we want to help!
We have learned over the years to answer..."let's sit down and talk". Each homeowner's situation is unique and requires a careful analysis of the homeowner's situation. We can help most homeowner's deal with their situation. We can help with Loan Modifications, Short Sales and negotiated Deed in Lieu solutions. We have postponed many foreclosure auctions and that has … (0 comments)

Another Loan Modification Request completed andsent to the Bank. As a Real Estate Broker...I spend alot of time working with homeowners in financial distress. We always ask and always encourage homeowners who are having difficulty with their mortgage payments to apply for a Loan Modification.
Our Foreclosure Prevention Project offers FREE Loan Modification consultation and assistance to any homeowner experiencing difficulty making their home mortgage payments. We also offer FREE mailing and faxing service for those hefty application packages. Yes, this is a free service!
The Foreclosure Prevention Projectis an information/education community outreach effort of Century21 NorthBay Alliance and the Lake … (0 comments)

lake county: Go for the Beautiful Lake County! - 10/21/10 04:43 AM

A new look in Lower Lake, California! GOLD is the Century 21 color...who doesn't remember those Gold jackets from the beginning of the Century 21 franchise?
But this post is not about the brand it's about the people!
The Agents at the Lower Lake office of Century 21 NorthBay Alliance decided that our building was in need of a "face lift". We are a hands on group and we are aware of how financially challenging these times are for both Realtors and Broker/Owners. So we asked the Broker to pay for the paint and the agents volunteered their … (1 comments)

lake county: 10 minutes and counting... - 01/11/10 01:05 AM
In less than 10 minutes Lake County Association of Realtors will switch over from Paragon to the new CalRedd MLS system. The goal is to eventually have a single MLS for California.
The CalREDD folks are working hard to minimize the chaos which goes with the adoption of a new operating system and our local association has lots of "hand-holding" sessions scheduled to shorten the learning curve.

Hats off to all the Association members who have contributed countless hours so that the CalREDD system will meet the needs of our local members.
Well it's launch time...I've got to go! … (1 comments)

lake county: Habitat for Humanity - 10/06/09 04:42 AM

As Paul Harvey used to say, "and now, the rest of the story..."
Recently, there was a message from ActiveRain encouraging members to post a new photo and offering 1,000 points to do so. And so I went through the photo album and found the picture above and cropped the 'mugshot' of myself and uploaded the photo.
Today, I'm posting the uncropped photo and revealing "the rest of the storey..."
About a year ago, I applied for and was hired as the Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity, Lake County. This was a short term job which allowed me to … (5 comments)

lake county: Lower Lake High School...Back to the Future - 09/24/09 07:42 AM
‘Back to the Future' was the theme for Lower Lake High's Back to School night. On Tuesday evening Jeff Dixson, Principal Lower Lake High School welcomed back those in attendance to the new school year. Principal Dickson introduced several new faces on the Lower Lake faculty and they were warmly welcomed by staff, parents, students and friends in attendance.

One of the more popular stops on the classroom visitation tour was the Career-Tech classrooms. The Konocti Unified School District has embraced vocational education and this years offering of Career Technical classes is impressive...all the more so when you consider all … (0 comments)

lake county: Back to School at Lower Lake Elementary - 09/23/09 12:43 PM
A warm summer evening, hot dogs on the grill and kids everywhere...this was the setting as Principal Greg Mucks welcomed the community at Back-to-School night last Thursday evening. Lower Lake Elementary School was abuzz with energy and enthusiasm as the new school year was greeted by parents, teachers, students and friends.

The staff of Lower Lake Elementary School was obviously proud of their recently refurbished school as they greeted visitors to their classrooms. The school has not only remodeled the has also reconfigured its educational program. Lower Lake is now a K-8 school and parents almost universally expressed their … (0 comments)

lake county: Sock Hop in Spring Valley - 09/14/09 05:23 AM

HEY YOU HEP CATS, COOL DUDES, AND BOBBY SOXERS....Be sure and make it to the Spring Valley 50"s Sock Hop (you're allowed to wear shoes, of course!) on September 19th at 6 P.M.  Music will be provided by our own Jim Carey via CD (hey they're still flat and round...just no grooves!) 
            And speaking of that, for all of you who really want to get in the groove dig out that poodle skirt and bobby sox, a leather jacket, roll up your shirt sleeves, dig out your jeans and roll ‘em up, slick back your hair (if ya got … (0 comments)

lake county: Come Home to Konocti - 09/10/09 06:52 PM

Come Home to Konocti
Debi Malley, Principal East Lake Elementary School, welcomed parents and community members Thursday evening at ‘Back to School Night'. The multipurpose facility was standing room only as parents had the opportunity to enjoy dinner provided by the Parent Teacher Organization and listen to Mrs. Malley as she introduced teachers and staff to those in attendance.
The Konocti Unified School District has adopted a ‘neighborhood school model' with the conversion of all elementary schools into K-8 schools this year. Eastlake was originally a K-8 school and parents cheered loudly as Mrs. Malley discussed the return of … (2 comments)

lake county: You may be paying too much! - 09/10/09 10:29 AM
Has your home declined in value? Unfortunately, for most of us we have no choice but to answer, yes! For those of us in California, there is some good news. Many of us are paying property taxes based upon values that were determined during the ‘boom market' and these values may have dramatically changed.
California Revenue and Taxation Code Section 1603 provides for an appeal process that allows for a property owner to request a reduction in valuation. Your Counties deadline for filing your appeal is either September 15 or November 15. Link to filing deadlines for all California counties:

lake county: Spring in Spring Valley - 05/07/08 03:24 AM
This place deserves the name of Spring Valley. This time of year is a beautiful gift out here, especially in our campground. It starts in February with the first greening of the hills and the fields. Buttercups and Shooting Stars announce the beginning of the amazing display. Redbuds, dead-looking bushes all winter, begin to thicken with a purple glow, and bust out into a flashy show of rich fuchsia blooms.
In March the water releases from Indian Valley reservoir turn the tranquil creek into something wild and powerful. On the first mild spring evening I open a window, and hear the sound … (0 comments)

lake county: Things are Changing in Clearlake Oaks - 05/06/08 02:00 PM
Nylander Park is almost finished...and what a lovely addition it is to this little "lakeside community". The Nylanders are longtime members of this community. Currently, the third generation are operating the Nylander's RED & WHITE Market, in operation longer than most know. This is a great way to honor a family that has taken such good care of a community for so long.
The site for this park was an unsightly vacant lot which collected trash and debris for years. This 'eyesore' was in the middle of town and alongside the highway which carries thousands of would-be visitors. As a tourist oriented lake … (1 comments)

lake county: STRAWBERRY STAND - 05/31/07 10:32 AM
Okay, I don't know how it started...some sort of challenge between Bob Sloop and Steve Dalton. Anyway, I read Bob's post and I was hooked .
Today's installment is the Strawberry Stand...I don't know about your area but, in Northern California we have these kind of strawberry stands all over the place. The one in the picture is my stand! Well not really my stand but it is the stand in Clearlake Oaks, home town.
The strawberries are delicious...not like the rubber one's sold in most supermarkets. These are the kind that are so juicy, it runs down your chin. In … (0 comments)

lake county: Graduation time... - 05/30/07 11:46 AM
It's Graduation time and I LOVE IT! I will attend 6 High School and Middle School graduations this week.
I am a member of the Konocti Unified School District School Board and this is Graduation season. We will graduate students from our Middle School, Community Day School, Independant Study Program, Continuation High School, Traditional High School and Adult School. We are a small school district in Northern California, but we take graduation seriously. Each school will have it's own ceremony with cap & gown/pomp & circumstance. Close to 500 people will walk across the stage and receive a diploma to the "screaming … (2 comments)

lake county: Priced to sell or Priced to sit? - 05/29/07 11:45 AM
In today's market this is the choice facing most sellers. I have spoken to many prospective sellers over the past few weeks and I can only assume they have not been watching the news or listening to their Realtor. Now, don't get me wrong these people want to sell their homes. I'm just not sure they are prepared to sell in today's market.
I recently spoke with a couple that have a nice home for sale. They have kept the home well maintained and just spent almost $10,000 on a new roof. They paid almost $200,000 for this house three years ago...they … (3 comments)

lake county: Lake County is Wine Country! - 05/26/07 07:14 PM
Lake County Borders...Napa County, Sonoma county and Mendocino County. This is Wine Country! Okay, we are not as well known as our neighbors to the south and west but, we are also included in the highly prized North Coast wine appelation. We have approximately 20 wineries and our wineries continually bring home medals from wine competitions.
I would like to invite you to one of the most enjoyable wine tasting experiences you will ever find. LAKE COUNTY WINE ADVENTURE. July 28th and 29th, 18 Lake County wineries will open their doors and offer wine tasting, wonderful food, winery tours, barrell tasting and … (0 comments)

lake county: A Little Lake County History...Clear Lake California's Largest Natural Lake - 05/25/07 06:14 PM

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