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Here is a dilemna that I am hoping someone here may have experienced with their clients or maybe themselves. I was the lender for these customers when they purchased their home a few years ago and we have since become friends. American Home Mortgage is their lender and mortgage servicer. They fir...
Did you know that borrowers can still get up to 100 % financing with a minimum credit score of 580? That's right. 580 credit score for 100% structured financing. Your FHA loan specialist can structure a borrower's loan with down-payment assistance and a seller concession, so the borrower does not...
Borrowers with poor credit history, low scores, recent bankruptcy can still obtain mortgage loans under FHA insured program. You may be surprised to learn that FHA does not require  a minimum credit score and it does not require all collections and charge-offs be paid prior to obtaining FHA insur...
The Federal Reserve has today approved a final rule that offers consumers broader protection from unfair and deceptive acts and practices in mortgage lending. The rule prohibits unfair, abusive or deceptive home mortgage lending practices and restricts certain other mortgage practices as well. He...
It is true that lenders have tightened their lending requirements considerably that even the most creditworthy borrowers are having hard time qualifying for new mortgage or refinancing their existing mortgage. A healthy credit score has long been crucial to people's ability to obtain mortgage loa...
Consumers with low FICO scores from lack of a financial history will now have an easier time getting access to credit. Fair Isaac Co., the creator and owner of the FICO assessment, has developed a new score designed to predict risk for individuals with little or no credit history. The new score u...
How do your real estate signs look? Are they looking worn out and all beat up or bent out of shape? They should be clean, bright and free of dents and scuff marks. Like the photo or other symbols and images that show you are, make sure your real estate signs look great. Be sure to tighten all scr...
This is the question that I often hear from the contacts that I enroll in my home finding service. When I refer them to one of my realtor partners after they find the property they like, then they want to know why they need a real estate agent. My answer is always the same and here is what I usua...
In a highly competitive industry like real estate, your ability to market effectively can make a big difference in your level of success. Unfortunately, many real estate agents don't spend enough time developing their marketing tactics. Although there are many different techniques for self-promot...
In this highly competitive field, networking can function as a powerful tool if done properly. Networking is the process of making contacts and exchanging information with other people. It will allow you to tap into a vast pool of new customers and leads, sales and marketing opportunities, and a ...

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