mortgage originators: Introducing Bob Schildt - Coastal Mortgage Group - S. Carolina - 10/11/18 04:15 PM
I want to introduce everyone to Bob Schildt our Branch Manager in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
Since entering the real estate/mortgage industry in 1999, he's helped first-time homebuyers, military families and others, gain homeownership after they were told "NO" by other lenders. In the ever-changing mortgage industry, Bob has the knowledge and experience to assist you in selecting the right loan for YOUR situation.
Bob and his staff at Coastal Mortgage Group provide personal service to each and every borrower and prospective borrower alike. Their number one goal is - You Achieving Home Ownership!
Bob lives in Myrtle Beach with his … (0 comments)

mortgage originators: Hiring Loan Originators - Experienced One-Time Close Construction Loan - 10/11/18 07:42 AM
Texas Mortgage Loan Originators! We're Hiring LO's with experience and an active database of One-Time Close Construction Loan borrowers and builders! Work from anywhere in the state!
With Texana Bank, you can also offer multiple loan programs NATIONWIDE with NO state licensing, such as:
Fannie Mae (including HomeReady & HomeStyle), Freddie Mac (including Home Possible), VA, FHA (including Reverse Mortgages), USDA, Jumbo, Reverse Mortgages, Manufactured Homes, 2nd Mortgage (1st & 2nd piggy-back) and Non-QM loans (bank statement, doctor's loans, Non-Warrantable Condo's, Foreign National loans, Asset Depletion and Investor Cash Flow loans (no-income qualifier).
Branch opportunities are available nationwide. Benefits package includes … (0 comments)

mortgage originators: Congratulating New Branch Manager Mike Alvarez in Boca Raton, Florida! - 09/27/18 09:37 AM
CONGRATULATIONS to our newest Mortgage Branch Manager, Michael Alvarez in Boca Raton, Florida! Mike brings a wealth of experience and information with over 20 years in the mortgage industry to Texana Bank Mortgage. He's here to assist your residential property buyers and owners in all 50 states with a variety of programs such as Conventional, Government, Jumbo's, High Balance and Non-QM loans, such as bank statement loans, non-warrantable condo loans, foreign national loans, investment property loans, doctor loans, investment cash-flow loans and manufactured home loans!
Contact Mike to discuss all of your home loan needs, at (561) 962-5835, or email him, … (0 comments)

mortgage originators: Hiring Texas Mortgage Loan Originators - Lend Nationwide - 09/18/18 07:03 PM
Texas Mortgage Loan Originators!  We're Hiring!  Work from anywhere in the state!
Don't let state borders keep you from taking that application.  Expand your territory!  
With Texana Bank, you can lend NATIONWIDE with NO additional state licensing. 
Offer Fannie Mae (including HomeReady & HomeStyle), Freddie Mac (including Home Possible), VA, FHA (including Reverse Mortgages), USDA, Jumbo and Non-QM (bank statement, doctor's loans, Non-Warrantable Condo's, Foreign National loans and Investor Cash Flow loans (no-income qualifier). 
Branch opportunities are available nationwide. 
Benefits package includes health, vision, dental, short * long-term disability, 401(k) plan.  Payroll services, bi-weekly pay, direct deposit.  Recruiting and hiring support.  Processing and … (0 comments)

mortgage originators: History of Labor Day - Texana Bank's Nationwide Mortgage Origination - 09/02/18 01:52 PM
How did "Happy Labor Day" begin?
The idea of Labor Day was the brainchild of Peter J. McGuire (pictured above), who proposed a "general holiday for the laboring classes" in the spring of 1882.  He also recommended the event should begin with a street parade as a public demonstration of organized labor's solidarity and strength, with the march followed by a picnic.  And he believed the first Monday in September as an ideal date for the celebration, owing to optimum weather and the date's place on the calendar, sitting midway between the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving holidays.
In 1887, Oregon became the … (2 comments)

mortgage originators: Hiring Texas LO's and Branch Managers Nationwide - 08/31/18 08:46 AM
TEXAS LO's - we're HIRING Loan Originator's for our branch offices! Lend nationwide with no additional state licensing! Competive comp plan, health, vision, dental, long & short term disability and 401(k) plan available.
BRANCH MANAGERS and BROKERS - NATIONWIDE - If you've been searching for a way to expand your territory outside of your state (and across 50 states) and offer programs your borrowers and Realtor partner's buyers require, ask about our branch opportunities!
Loan programs available: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, USDA, Jumbo, Construction and Non-QM. Call my cell for details - (248) 854-0625 or e-mail - Visit … (0 comments)

mortgage originators: Nationwide Mortgage Branch Opportunities - Lend Nationwide! - 06/27/18 07:36 PM
Stop holding yourself back and let's talk about our Mortgage Branch Opportunity.
Here are the Benefits:
You'll be able to lend in all 50 states with no additional licensing.
No brick and mortar offices are required.
Mortgage Broker's license is not required.
Group health insurance benefits
Payroll is handled for you.
Assigned in-house processors 
Improve recruiting for new LO's (they can lend in all 50 states with no additional licensing!)
Programs available are, Fannie Mae (including HomeReady & HomeStyle), Freddie Mac (including Home Possible), VA, FHA, USDA, Jumbo's, Foreign National, Non-Warrantable Condo's, 1st & 2nd piggy-back, Manufactured Home Loans, Bank Statement, One-Time Close Construction, Asset Depletion, Investment Cash-Flow and Physician's … (0 comments)

mortgage originators: Contract Originator closes out-of-state loan with our Nationwide Origination program! - 06/07/18 07:06 AM
I'm sure many real estate agents and Broker have come across a situation like this. One of our Contract Originators Michael Galasso, was contacted by a referring real estate broker whose clients were moving out of state and they were hoping he could help them.  Fortunately, Michael signed up for our Contract Originator Program, allowing him to originate mortgages outside of his state and he was able to originate their mortgage and keep his out-of-state referral business and close the purchase loan on time! He can help you and your borrowers too - in all 50 states!  Really great job Michael! … (0 comments)

mortgage originators: Hiring Account Executives for Nationwide Lending Program! - 05/05/18 04:51 AM
We're hiring Account Executives for our Contract Originator Program, a specialized mortgage origination program that allows LO's and Mortgage Brokers to originate in every state they are not licensed, without additional state licensing.  You'll provide a program that doesn't compete with your current or past Lenders because they don't offer anything like this!
Here are the products you'll provide your accounts:
Fannie Mae (including HomeReady & HomeStyle)
Freddie Mac (including Home Possible)
Bank Statement
1st & 2nd (piggy-back)
Manufactured Home
One-Time Close Construction
Doctor's Loan
Investor Cash Flow
Asset Depletion
(FHA loans are not available for the Contract Originator Program)
Send your resume and questions to 

mortgage originators: Nationwide Lending = Nationwide Referral Network! - 05/01/18 09:18 AM
Happy May 1st!  The start of a new month and new possibilities!    When your clients move to another state, who would you refer them to for their purchase or refinance loan?  You've taken quite a bit of time (and in some cases an extreme amount of time) and effort to develop a strong relationship with your customers. You may consider many of them "good friends". They trust you and trust your advice when it comes to their real estate questions. When they ask for a mortgage company or lender for an out-of-state transaction, who would you send them to if … (1 comments)

mortgage originators: I'm hiring Loan Originators - Lend Nationwide! - 04/29/18 10:42 AM
If you feel limited as a Loan Originator, we need to talk! 
You can originate NATIONWIDE with American Mortgage Bank with no additional state licensing.  If you have experience as a residential LO, would prefer to work remotely and may look forward to running your own branch, contact me, at (405) 285-1234 ext. 141, or e-mail me, 

mortgage originators: Nationwide Lending - Oklahoma LO closes on a Georgia property! - 04/08/18 05:14 PM
Rob Foley, a Loan Originator in Oklahoma, originated his client's out-of-state mortgage on a Georgia property with our Loan Originator Program and he can help your borrowers too - in all 50 states! Well done Rob!  I wish this was available when I was originating.
When I was a loan officer, I can't tell you how many times I was contacted by a past or current client who wanted me to either refi a property they owned or help them with a purchase loan on a second home or investment property in another state.  At that time I wasn't licensed in those … (4 comments)

mortgage originators: Closing loans Nationwide - This one was a Texas (a)(6) - 04/05/18 11:47 AM
Texas Section 50(a)(6) Loans
If you're a Mortgage Broker of Loan Originator who's signed up for our nationwide lending program, you could be taking loan applications right now in every state you're not currently licensed with no additional state licenses.  Although Russ is licensed in Oklahoma, he is also a Contract Originator with American Mortgage Bank which enabled him to take a loan application for a cash-out refinance on a property in Texas.  Here's information about this type of loan, called a Texas Section 50(a)(6) loan.
 A Cash-Out Refinance in Texas is known as a Texas Section 50(a)(6) loan.  Fortunately, Texas voters approved … (0 comments)

mortgage originators: Mortgage Loan Originators needed for lending in all 50 states! - 04/02/18 12:06 PM
Don't be limited to only helping your borrowers in one (or maybe a few) states when you could be lending in all 50 states!  Almost everyone in this business has been asked if they can help with a mortgage loan in a state where they are not licensed.  Giving up a potential commission is frustrating.  What if you could accept your client's loan request regardless of their property's location?  
Find out how you can avoid all of the extra work involved in licensing with each state and start expanding your territory nationwide soon!  Work from anywhere in the country, benefits are available. 
Loan … (0 comments)

mortgage originators: Today in American History - Florida and Texas LO's lend Nationwide! - 03/30/18 10:16 AM
March 30th - Today in American History
1830 - The United States Congress merged East Florida and a part of West Florida into the Florida Territory.
1822 - The United States Congress readmitted Texas into the Union.
And if you're a licensed Loan Originator in either Florida or Texas, contact me for details on American Mortgage Bank's "Contract Originator Program", allowing you to originate in every state you're not licensed without additional state licensing or changes to your business. 
For an application and agreement, call me, at (405) 285-1234 ext. 141, or e-mail me, at

mortgage originators: Money doesn't grow on trees - how about a Branch? - 03/27/18 07:33 PM
American Mortgage Bank offers the following opportunities:
We're hiring Loan Originators!  Work from anywhere and offer Fannie, Freddie, VA, FHA, USDA, Jumbo, Bank Statement, 2nd Mortgage, Manufactured Home and One-Time Close loans nationwide.  Call for details.
Contract Originator Program!  For both Mortgage Brokers and Loan Originators who want to add to their current licensing the ability to originate all of the above loans in every state they're not licensed with no additional state licensing while staying where they are.  Call for details
Branch Opportunites available in all 50 states!  If you've been looking to expand your mortgage business nationwide without having to be held … (0 comments)

mortgage originators: Hiring LO's - Lend NATIONWIDE - American Mortgage Bank! - 03/26/18 07:22 AM
Originate nationwide without additional state licenses!   American Mortgage Bank (AMB) is looking for both Loan Originator's and Branch Managers who need to expand their market outside of the states they're currently licensed without the having to go through each states licensing requirements.
If you've lost loans to out-of-state lenders and other mortgage brokers because you're not licensed in those states, stop losing and start originating in all 50 states!
Contact me for details, or (405) 285-1234 ext. 141.

mortgage originators: Branch Opportunities - Originate Mortgages Nationwide - 03/21/18 05:05 AM
We're accepting applications for Branch offices Nationwide.   Our platform allows Branch managers and Loan Originators to originate and close loans in all 50 states with no additional state licenses uder American Mortgage Bank's federal registration. With our in-house Processing and Underwriting you'll have to ability to begin writing loans Nationwide immediately, expanding your footprint outside of your current state(s) licensing.
Contact me for details to begin lending in all 50 states, at (405) 285-1234 ext 141, or e-mail me, at

mortgage originators: Observing International Women's Day in all 50 states - 03/08/18 02:20 PM
The earliest Women's Day observance, called "National Woman's Day," was held on February 28, 1909 in New York, at the suggestion of Theresa Serber Malkiel (1874-1949) an American labor activist, suffragist, and educator.
Contact me about our Contract Originator Program and our Branch Opportunites!  Originate in all 50 states without additional state licensing.
Call me, at (405) 285-1234 ext. 141, or

mortgage originators: Mortgage Branch Opportunities - Lend Nationwide NOW - 02/19/18 07:37 PM
It's a short month, start looking into our Branch Opportunity before the month is over. 
Stay who you are, where you are and offer loan programs nationwide. Expand your territory and keep control over your business.  We'll take care of the backroom for you and let you concentrate on the important part of business, contacting clients and closing loans NATIONWIDE!
Programs available: Fannie Mae (including HomeReady and HomeStyle), Freddie Mac (including Home Possible) FHA, VA and USDA and Jumbo's.  Specialty programs include, Bank Statement loans, Manufactured Home loans, 1st & 2nd Mortgage (piggy-back) and One-Time close loans (construction).
Contact: or (405) 285-1234 … (0 comments)

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