real estate investing: The Power of Networking - 11/06/14 08:13 PM
  by metromi If you’re an investor interested in networking with other investors you may want to look at your local REIA (Real Estate Investor Association) groups. Locally we have about a half-dozen groups that meet monthly, typically weeknights, and some even serve dinner.  Most groups charge for attending but some offer new attendees their first meeting at no charge.  From attending, speaking and sponsoring we have met and worked with many new and seasoned investors over the years that we would have never met without these groups.  You can also check out these web-sites:
REIA of Macomb REIA of Detroit Michigan REI Renegade Detroit … (2 comments)

real estate investing: Frustrated by Real Estate Investor Associations - 03/11/12 01:16 AM
Months ago I had approached the program directors at the Real Estate Investor Associations and a couple of Real Estate Investor clubs I frequently visit to ask them to add as a speaker one of the state's mortage licensing representatives to speak on the requirements to legally lend on residential properties.  The response was, "no thanks, that would just bore the daylights out of our group," and a few thought it just wasn't relevent enough for their attendees.  No, they would rather have a series of self-proclaimed "gurus" pitch their boot camps, mentoring systems and DVD's for thousands of dollars.  One even went on to say … (5 comments)

real estate investing: Hard Money - Know your laws and regulations when lending! - 10/09/11 03:07 AM
I'm a member of several REIA (Real Estate Investor Association) groups in our area.  Lately I've noticed the organizers giving attendees an opportunity to stand up and tell everyone what they're doing and what they're looking for in real estate and financing.  Here's where individuals have to be careful with what they say to the audience.  If you're going to speak to groups about financing you had better understand your limits especially if you're unlicensed.
First, ignorance of the law is no excuse so check your state's licensing laws and regulations, you should be able to find them on your state regulatory agency's … (2 comments)

real estate investing: If you can read, you can cook! - 09/15/11 09:26 AM
My wife's comment has always been, "If you can read, you can cook".  My mistake early on in our marriage was telling her I can't cook, obviously she was well prepared for this.  Honestly, I can cook a few dishes but I work too late to get home in time to make anything before 9pm (that's my excuse for now). But, I do have one dish I made when I was single many years ago and my wife loves it and I can still cook it, because it's so simple. So here you go guys, and we know you can read!

real estate investing: Detroit Hard Money: Construction jobs are on the rise!! - 08/10/11 07:06 AM
The Detroit Free Press reported some good news yesterday when it ran an article stating that construction jobs have reached an 11-year high in the metro Detroit area. In a glimmer of good news on the economy, a major building group, the Associated General Contractors, said Tuesday that the metro area has added 1,800 constructions jobs in the 12 months ending June 30th, AGC said. “It has been too long since we have had news like this to report in Detroit,” said Todd Doenitz, chairman of AGC of Michigan and vice president of the Walled Lake – based firm Fastdecks. “From … (2 comments)

real estate investing: Are we TOO close to Detroit? - 10/24/10 01:44 PM

Our office received a phone call from an investment company from the U.K. stating that they are buying properties in Detroit, fixing them up, renting them out and then selling them to investors.  He said that all of the investors who are purchasing his properties are from the U.K., Austrailia and other countries outside of the United States. Why is this the case you ask? Well, he seems to think that we along with others within the United States are too close to Detroit. There are many pre-conceived notions that Detroit is not the best place to invest in real estate. Through their companies research , the … (2 comments)

real estate investing: Michigan Hard Money - Order a Desk-Top Appraisal First - 10/10/10 03:19 PM
As I'm sure many do, some of my experiences in business (or life) becomes a story to pass on to friends, clients and business associates, hopefully we can learn something from each other when we share these tid bits.  Here's one I'd like to pass on to you.

My business has been private mortgage loans, sometimes known as "hard money" for the past 24 years and in our type of lending it's all about the appraisal.  With values all over the place (mostly low) the independent appraiser we use has suggested we ask the borrowers to order a desk-top appraisal first to find a probable value before we … (2 comments)

real estate investing: Detroit Hard Money is discussed on WJR 760 am on the "Real Estate 411" show - 08/28/10 12:14 PM
I'll be the special guest on the radio show "Real Estate 411" on Detroit's powerhouse news/talk radio station 760 am - WJR, tonight from 9 pm to 10 pm.  Please take a moment to tune into the program if you're around a radio tonight and if you have any questions call in and get yourself on the radio, the phone number is (800) 859-0957.  We'll be discussing the Metro Detroit real estate market, how you can take advantage of hard money to expand your ability to invest in more real estate and what the investors need to know before and after they purchase distressed houses as an investment.  More … (1 comments)

real estate investing: Seminar on Using Private Hard Money to Purchase and Rehab Detroit Houses. - 08/11/10 06:17 AM

Register for this quick one hour seminar for real estate investors on how you can finance your purchase and rehab projects in and around Detroit without jumping through the hoops the banks require by using Private Hard Money loans. Hear from an expert in the Hard Money Lending business with over 20 years of experience. Real estate and Investment professionals are welcome. Seating is limited so please call (248) 547-3006, or e-mail for details. These seminars will be held at the offices of Metro Mortgage Investments, at 26711 Woodward Ave., Suite 301, Huntington Woods, MI 48070, located just south … (0 comments)

real estate investing: Hard Money and Self-Directed IRA's - 05/22/10 02:24 PM
My question is, why do we rarely read or hear anything about the Self-Directed IRA industry?  I moved my 401K from my prior employer in 1989 into a Self-Directed IRA where I can invest in private investments like private mortgages, which I personally prefer over the traditional stocks and bonds, mutual funds, etc.  There are several Self-Directed companies, like Pensco Trust Co., Equity Trust Co., Guidant Financial Group, Entrust, Sterling Trust Co. and others who only perform custodial and administrative duties, they can't advise or direct you.  Because I've worked in Private Lending since 1986 Private Mortgages are what I know and … (2 comments)

real estate investing: Detroit needs longer term real estate investors. - 09/30/09 11:58 AM
I have buyers calling me from all across the country because of the housing prices here in the Detroit area.  At some point, and it's probably going to take a couple of years, prices will be back and all of these real estate investors who took a chance on Detroit are going to cash in.  Okay, maybe not like the boom years but until then their properties will cash flow nicely and when the prices increase, and it will be slowly, they can sell for a profit. 
The big problem Detroit is facing right now is the deflated prices due to … (0 comments)

real estate investing: Is Hard Money filling the gap? - 08/26/09 10:18 AM
Before Sub-Prime lending was even a twinkle in the bank's president's eye the business was pretty much black and white, you either qualified or you had to find a Hard Money Lender.  I listened in amazement when a borrower came into my office in the late ‘80's to tell me that an institutional lender agreed to fund what I considered a hard money loan scenario, and it actually closed.  As this continually played out time after time all I could think was, these guys are getting into the hard money business but lending with an institutional mentality, the higher LTV's are … (1 comments)

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