realtor: Short Sale Your Home Teton Valley Idaho - Realtor With Experience - 05/11/12 12:14 AM
West Group Real Estate has the pleasure of working with many clients to help them avoid foreclosure by selling their homes. Banks are cooperating in the process and most are waiving their rights to a Deficiency Judgment against the borrower. We have learned the short sale process and have been successful in helping our clients sell their homes and exiting gracefully.
Why do Lenders prefer a short sale over a foreclosure?  
            $$$!! It comes down to money!
·         A short sale costs the lender about 20-30% less than if they had to foreclose.
·         Maintaining a foreclosed … (2 comments)

realtor: People, Networking and Information Business - 04/09/12 08:57 AM
When asked how I like being in the sales businessit only took a minute for me to respond.
“I am in the People, Networking and Information Business”. You see I do not consider myself a “SALES PERSON”; I do not actually SELL people on anything! I meet people; I share my knowledge of the market and the homes that are available in our area. I help them find a home that is right for them or help them find a buyer that is right for their home. I do nothowever SELL them on anything.
I have met with a few … (5 comments)

realtor: Price, Presentation and MARKETING to SELL Your Home - 11/18/11 02:33 AM
Price - Yes you must price your home properly to move it. An overpriced home will set! Real estate agents hear this all the time, "Let's just price the home high and see if there is anyone that just falls in love with it."  The reality is in the numbers!
Presentation - Want a Realtor to list your home? OK, get it clean, de clutered and ready to show. When your Real Estate agent comes to the listing presentation they are interviewing the Seller as well as being interviewed. That is if they are a good agent. Show them you … (0 comments)

realtor: What does a Certification REALLY Mean? - 08/20/11 08:45 AM

I am a Broker in both Idaho and Wyoming. With Cerifications for Equator, e-PRO, GRI and SFR (Short Sale and Foreclosure) I just asked myself "What does it REALLY Mean"?
After considering this for a moment I offer this:
Each and every Certification course and test comes with a learning experience (you would expect that right) When we are willing to spend time, money and effort to gain accreditation we show a commitment to learning. Some of these although redundant are simply a third party confirming you have knowledge of a topic.
I have a desire to learn. These … (2 comments)

realtor: West Group Real Estate - Happy Client - 08/07/11 06:51 AM
West Group closed Friday August 5th on a home in Teton Reserve, we love it when our clients are happy. I like what I do! Does this mean I never have to work? (I read once that if you like what you do "you never have to work".)
The gulf course is now open to the public and there is a clubhouse that serves lunch.
This project is moving forward and appears to be a good option for homeowners that want to be on a gulf course.

realtor: West Group Real Estate, serving Eastern Idaho and Western Wyoming - 04/12/11 02:45 AM
Leading Real Estate Source for Idaho and Wyoming
Find Real Estate in Driggs, Victor, Tetonia, Jackson and beyond
Our Team is passionate about being the premiere choice for Real Estate in Eastern Idaho and Western Wyoming. Being the best in our service, market knowledge and professionalism is simply our standard! What can we do for you?
•1.     We provide the best information available for every listing in the MLS on both sides of the Tetons directly to you!
•2.     We create instant Foreclosure and Short Sale search features that puts you only one click away from a great buy!
•3.     Online … (0 comments)

realtor: Driggs, Victor and Tetonia Idaho Home Sellers Wanted, Will You List to SELL? - 12/21/10 04:27 AM
Sellers Wanted! Do you want to SELL YOUR HOME? Are you in our market area of Teton Valley? Including Driggs, Victor and Tetonia in Idaho.

We have qualified buyers looking for homes, condos and property on a daily basis. What we need are more serious sellers.
What is a serious SELLER?
•1.     Willing to list at market Value.
•2.     Understand the importance of price, the first 30 days are the most critical.
•3.     Not wanting to handicap the Realtor© with things like "no sign" or "do not want the neighbors to know we are selling".
•4.     … (0 comments)

realtor: FHA Inspection Guidlines 2010, notes from Idaho Realtor - 06/29/10 05:05 AM
Here are a few things to consider when considering "FHA Inspection Guidlines" for 2010.
•·        Must have access to all of the crawl space areas.
•·        Major water build-up in the crawl space is not allowed and must be remedied.
•·        Any areas of wood rot must be removed and repaired.
•·        Ventilation & vapor barrier are required.
•·        At least 18" clearance is required from the floor joist to the ground.
•·        If the crawl space has been dug out, the earth cannot be disturbed within 1 foot of the stemwall or pier supports. If the earth has … (0 comments)

realtor: Fortunes Made and LOST, Teton Valley Idaho Investor Insight - 02/16/10 11:58 PM
There have been many fortunes Made and LOST.  As an investor in Teton Valley Idaho I would like to share some insight into my journey. The downturn in the economy cost me the wealth that I had amassed. I consider this loss the best life lesson to date.
The story:
•·         I started with nothing but the skill of hard work and the desire to learn.
•·         My 3rdcompany I started at the age of 21 with no startup capital and very little credit.
•·         13 years later I had made enough cash flow from construction to invest in real estate.

realtor: Good Parents make good Realtors® - 02/14/10 12:01 AM
What is the most important part of being a good parent and a good Realtor®? Is it just being there when they need you? Learning from your mistakes and not making the same mistakes over again? I have three girls and they did not come with instructions. It seems the longer I am a parent, the more understanding and knowledgeable I become. Lucky for us there is plenty of opportunity to learn from others on both fronts. Want to learn? Knowledge is everywhere; all you need is the desire to learn and the ability to pick wisely your source. Find a … (9 comments)

realtor: Find the Home YOU Want for sale, Driggs Victor and Tetonia Idaho - 01/31/10 10:22 PM
Need help? The home you want for sale in Driggs Victor and Tetonia Idaho is out there.
I asked a fellow Realtor if he knew of anything available to purchase that was currently not in the M.L.S. and explained what my buyer was looking for. "Wait till something that interests your buyer comes onto the M.L.S." was his answer. Then he said he did not like it when buyers looked outside the M.L.S. for homes to purchase.
I have never waited for anything and I do not think that anyone else wants to. When I want something I go out and … (7 comments)

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