teton valley idaho: No Pig Wrestling at the Teton Valley Fair for 2012 - 03/28/12 11:27 PM
The Fair Board has decided not to hostPig Wrestling for 2012. The deciding factor was the cost to bring the event to the Fair. The cost is $5,000.00 and last year the event ran at a loss of $1,500.
We can have this event again if we can get sponsors in 2013 to cover some of the costs. The question is does the public want us to bring the pigs and wrestlers back?  What do you think about the pig wrestling?

teton valley idaho: Work in the World Market From Home, Live in Teton Valley Idaho - 03/27/12 07:55 AM
Want to live in Teton Valley Idaho?  I run into more and more people that work from home in the expanding world market and telecommute. With technology what it is today a lot of people are choosing to live where they want to.  And if you can live anywhere in the world, Driggs, Victor or Tetonia is a great place to live. Recognized nationally as a destination area for an array of outdoor recreational activities including:
·         Skiing
·         Hunting
·         Snowmobiling
·         Hiking
·         Horseback riding
·         Rodeo
·         Mountain biking
·         Fly-fishing
·         Ranching

Do these kinds … (0 comments)

teton valley idaho: Teton Valley Homes Offered and not sold at Auction - 09/15/10 02:31 AM
Lots of Homes offered for sale here in Teton Valley Idaho thru auction companies such as Williams & Williams. What is the pattern and why are they not sold?
Steps to get there:
•1.      Seller tries to sell for 12 months to pay off dept.
•2.      Offered for 6 to 12 months as a short sale at or just below market value.
•3.      Home gets foreclosed on and enters the market again as REO (bank owned).
•4.      5% per month reduction in price.
•5.      6 to 12 months later goes to auction.
•6.      Auction Company charges a 5% buyers premium. Some … (1 comments)

teton valley idaho: 4th of July Celebration activities in Teton Valley Idaho - 07/01/10 06:41 AM
There are a lot of exceptional activities going on this weekend in Teton Valley Idaho. The 4th of July Celebration is full of all kinds of activities for the young and old.
Looking for things to do?
Check out these:
•·        Rodeo Friday night in Tetonia, Sunday afternoon in Driggs
•·        Balloons to watch or tide
•·        Antique and art show
•·        Pilots dinner (open to the public)
•·        Hot breakfast daily at the Fairgrounds
•·        Wild Flower Walk
•·        Musical Talent Show
•·        Victor Independence Day Parade
•·        "Celebrate America" in Driggs, with BYU-Idaho symphony concert, Glenn Beck and Fireworks … (5 comments)

teton valley idaho: Market Reports Teton Valley Idaho, Homes and Property Sold - 03/09/10 12:19 AM
Coming this month our local MLS has made available to us new features to help present market Reports to Buyers and Seller in Teton Valley Idaho. This will help us (the professionals) make information about homes and property sold as well as inventory and market conditions more accessible to our customers and clients.
Here is an example of what these will look like (NOT ACTUAL REPORT!):

I repeat, this is not the report this is an example of what the reporting will look like. If you have a specific segment of the market that you would like to investigate, … (0 comments)

teton valley idaho: Fortunes Made and LOST, Teton Valley Idaho Investor Insight - 02/16/10 11:58 PM
There have been many fortunes Made and LOST.  As an investor in Teton Valley Idaho I would like to share some insight into my journey. The downturn in the economy cost me the wealth that I had amassed. I consider this loss the best life lesson to date.
The story:
•·         I started with nothing but the skill of hard work and the desire to learn.
•·         My 3rdcompany I started at the age of 21 with no startup capital and very little credit.
•·         13 years later I had made enough cash flow from construction to invest in real estate.

teton valley idaho: Outdoor Activities abound in Teton Valley Idaho - 02/16/10 02:00 PM
Activities abound in our mountain community of Teton Valley Idaho. We have hiked to the wind caves, and explored them to the point that we needed climbing gear, we have kayaked and fished the Teton River, and have spent days on horseback riding the endless trail system on the West side of the Valley. I happened by here 20 years ago and I am still here. What do I miss most when I leave? The people. I love Teton Valley Idaho, and we have made it our home. I have not shut the gait behind us, come see it for yourself. … (0 comments)

teton valley idaho: Teton Valley Idaho holiday sleigh ride - 01/05/10 04:31 AM
Cheyenne and I went for a holiday sleigh ride Saturday on a Teton Valley Idaho snow filled day. We took Hailey home, crossed the highway two times, gave Jeremy Little Man and Mary a ride then Chey drove home. Twister was nothing but honest, didn't mind all the commotion and this was only his second hitch to the sleigh. … (1 comments)

teton valley idaho: Free Search: Home For Sale Victor, Driggs, Tetonia and all Teton Valley Idaho - 12/20/09 05:38 AM
I have included in my web site a new Free search engine for consumers to search Home For Sale in Victor, Driggs, Tetonia and all Teton Valley Idaho. This consumer search is set up as a free service providing information when and where you want it. Contact me if you have any ideas that would help make this search better for you.

teton valley idaho: Good News Anywhere Equals Good News in Teton Valley Idaho - 12/16/09 10:41 PM
Housing market or building market good news anywhere in the United States equals good news in Teton Valley Idaho. We are typically 6 to 18 months behind other markets here in this action packed resort community. I look for there to be great opportunities to invest in cash flow properties here as other markets recover slightly in front of ours.
Home Building Begins Rebound Home building rose 8.9 percent in November to an annualized rate of 574,000, the U.S. Commerce Department announced Wednesday.The rate was still 12.4 percent below what it was in November 2008, but the increases were nationwide, … (2 comments)

teton valley idaho: Raising Funds and Awareness for Teton Valley Idaho, Driggs Non Profits - 12/08/09 12:42 PM
Our Family had a lot of fun while raising funds and Awareness for a few Teton Valley Idaho, Driggs Non Profits. We plan to do it again next year.
With the generous giving of our small community we were able to collect:
•·         Food and money for the Rotary Club of Teton Valley (approximately $900.00 food & $100 dollars)
•·         Toys for Subs For Santa (estimated $200-$300 dollars)
•·         Coats and winter clothes for Eastern Idaho Community Action Partnership (a 5' high box)
•·         Learning Academy ($250.00)
•·         American Legion ($75.00)
•·         Housing Authority ($75.00)
Every little bit helps.

teton valley idaho: Camp on Main Holiday event Driggs Idaho - 12/08/09 12:29 PM

The First "Camp on Main" holiday event in Driggs Idaho was a great success. It was a lot of fun for our family and we had a lot of community support. It was a lot of work, but well worth the efforts. We would like to thank the community, friends and family for coming together for a good cause.
The food was great, the company was fantastic and the Holiday spirit was alive. We are thankful the weather was not like it was a few days after the event.
Please contact us if you would like a photograph of your … (0 comments)

teton valley idaho: Teach my Girls How to Work, Teton Valley Living - 12/08/09 12:57 AM
The opportunities to teach my girls how to work living here in Teton valley are an important part of my life. Here we are picking up pipe in the pasture so it doesn't freeze during the winter. The irrigation is off, but if there is a low place in the pipe, water will collect there and freeze splitting the pipe.


teton valley idaho: Harley Wilcox and Family host Camp on Main as reported by Valley Citizen, Driggs Idaho - 12/08/09 12:30 AM
Thanks to Valley Citizen for news coverage of Harley Wilcox and Family as they host Camp on Main in Driggs Idaho. We organized this event to bring the community together and to raise awareness for some local non profits. We had great fun with it and consider it a great success. Special thanks to Mayor Lou Christensen who was kind enough to let us camp on the lawn of the city offices. More on the event over the next few days.


teton valley idaho: Driggs Idaho: Teton Valley News, Camp on Main Holiday Community Donation Drive - 12/07/09 11:18 PM
Thanks to Teton Valley News for covering The Camp on Main Holiday Community Donation Drive in Driggs Idaho. The Mayor of Driggs Lou Christensen was kind enough to let us camp on the lawn of the city building on Main Street. More on the event over the next few days. What fun!


teton valley idaho: Car Truck and Bike club Teton Valley Idaho - 11/15/09 01:14 AM

Bill Leake is organizing a Car Truck and Bike club here in Teton Valley Idaho. The inaugural meeting will be Thursday at 7:00pm, November 19, 2009 at the Driggs City Center (city council conference room).  At the meeting we will explore everyone's expectations for the club and set a charter.  From there we will basically coordinate cruise nights, road ralley's, and any other activities everyone wants to do.

teton valley idaho: Dreamchasers & Teton Springs Resort, Victor Idaho Turkey Trot - 11/14/09 11:07 PM

What a fun run! This kind of event is just one more reason why I love living in Teton Valley Idaho. Dreamchasers & Teton Springs Resort Sponsored the event to raise money for Teton Valley Learning Academy.  There was a 5K and 10K run around the grounds of the beautiful   Teton Springs Resort open to all Ages (especially those planning to eat too much on Thanksgiving) as well as a 1 Mile Kids Run - for kids Silly enough to want to act like their parents!
chey and reylang family
Lisa and Jay Batchen of Dreamchasers are always fund … (0 comments)

teton valley idaho: News in Teton Valley Idaho - 11/12/09 11:12 PM
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