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Spend some time collecting your yard waste this fall in a pile / compost bin / compost barrel. This pile will start to decompose over the winter (if you can keep the pile for two years it will be very good compost). You can then use this material to mulch your flowers in the spring instead of pur...
On this day of remembrance we look back and remember those that passed on 9/11. Some were just trying to do their jobs to get a paycheck to support their families. Some were cleaning the building. Some were talking to friends. Some were surfing the internet. Some were serving others. Some died do...
The power of good design is overwhelming once you have experienced it. Anyone that has cruised the open road with a Harley Davidson under them knows what I am talking about. However, not as many have seen it in their homes. With so many builders doing spec homes that don't take into account the w...
Going green is not a political statement, it is not more expensive, and it is not complicated. Renovating a home to green standards is healthy, it lowers maintenance costs, and it saves you money. There is a lot of bad information circulating by those that do not understand green design fully. If...
It is a difficult balance to know how to best use your resources. We want to be able to live freely and to the fullest, but what if your usage of _______ prevents someone else from having access to ________. (feel free to substitute water, air, money, food in the blanks). I was discussing yesterd...
The Green Expo is this weekend on Saturday with many opportunities to learn about promoting sustainability in the Shenandoah Valley. Join us to visit with exhibitors and to attend the seminars on High Performance Homes, Solar PV in Virginia, Local Organic Fair Sustainable Foods, Farmers Markets, ...
This is an impossible situation, everyone loses for sure. Everyone has heard the saying measure twice and cut once. It seems that when it comes to a demolition job you should at least check the scope of work and address more than once.I was trying to take in some Real Estate news as is my morning...
Interior Features Throughout: ___ In multi-story homes consider locating a bedroom & bathroom on the ground floor , and also stacking two closets for a future elevator install. ___ All doors to rooms and closets to be 34” to 36" minimum width. ___ All floor thresholds should not exceed ½" height ...
Accessible Pathways & Entrances: ___ Provide a clear obstacle free at least 36” wide walkway to front doorway from the vehicle parking area, and sidewalk. ___ Provide at least one no-step entrance to the home which may be accomplished with careful grading of the walkway run. ___ Walkway grading s...
Green remodeling can be done in small ways and doesn’t necessarily have to encompass the entire home. It’s easy to pick and choose elements that fit each particular homeowner. The following can be used: Non-toxic paints and sealants Programmable thermostats Energy Efficient Appliances Natural flo...

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