design matters: The kitchen is the key to a happy home - design matters - 11/29/11 12:45 PM
A functional kitchen is the key to a happy home. In today's family structure the kitchen is often the heart of the home where all the activities originate and gatherings happen. The kitchen needs to be practical, have an appropriate work triangle, and be flexible enough to allow for one cook to multiple cooks to be active. The keys to the design should also look at the materials selected taking into account for indoor air quality, natural light, and appropriate active lighting. Designing in drawers that pull out, for easy access, multi-height counters, and front appliance controls will make the kitchen … (1 comments)

design matters: Energy Efficient Home - Design Matters - 11/27/11 11:48 PM
Energy Costs are rising by an average of 6% every year. So what is a home owner supposed to do to keep up? Energy efficient options are all around your home, you just need to know where to look.
A solar hot water system costs around $2,500 to install, has a annual savings of $280 and a payback in 8.9 years. You don't want to spend that much, duct sealing costs around $450 and has an annual savings of $300 or a 1.5 year payback. Still not enough? A programmable thermostat costs around $115, saves $180 annually or a .6 year … (0 comments)

design matters: Thinking of new solutions - design matters - 11/27/11 10:03 AM
Many developers are looking for new solutions to their traditional projects in this new economy. From live work spaces that allow for small business to start on the lower level and for the owner to live above to smaller footprint lots, innovation is happening. We have recently done projects that mix commercial and residential in the same building, townhouses that have studio space below, and small footprint homes. The solutions that we are going to use for the next economy will not look like those from the past. Sure there will be some exceptions to the rule, but the time of … (0 comments)

design matters: A home specific for you - Design matters - 11/26/11 01:03 AM
No matter what your goals, you can design a house around the way you live and for your site. This home has a jacuzzi on the roof to take advantage of the views and the way this client lived. While a house this specific to one person may have an issue with resale, if you are designing your dream home, why would you design it for someone else?


design matters: What are your clients energy expectations? - 11/22/11 11:36 PM
I know when we were looking for our first home we never talked about the monthly electric bills. We were pre-approved at the bank for our mortgage, we had our cars paid off, we both had steady income. I thought we were set and understood how it all works. However, nobody ever asked us about our utility expectations. When the monthly mortgage payment comes in the mail, it is always followed by the electric bill and water bill. Why are these not as important as how much you can afford when you buy a home. If your electric bill is 65% … (3 comments)

design matters: Is your house custom or just new construction? - 11/21/11 11:41 PM
For those looking to build a new home, what is your motivation? Do you want a house that is new or do you want a new home that is specific for your needs? A custom home should be designed around the way you live, work, and play. It should work with your site and not simply sit on your site. It should reflect your values, your history, and your future. A house that is built for you should not be a compromise found in a magazine. It should be the idea thought through and developed based on your goals and passions. … (2 comments)

design matters: Design Matters - Lighting - 11/13/11 12:13 PM
The design of a home does not stop at the curb. You have to be able to carry your design through to the inside from the lights, faucets, flooring, to wall colors. Not every client wants the architect to carry through all the details for a home, but when it happens, things are so much better. Design is an interesting process, most people think they can do it, very few really are able to carry it through the entire project. Design Matters and the devil is in the details. If you want a project that holds its value, that carries through … (2 comments)

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