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Ponderings of local Realtor, Lindsey Hasford. Keeping up with the journey of real estate and the changes in the marketplace. Read on for antidotes, stories, statistics and encouragement in the journey of home buying, selling and life in general.



For the sake of some sunshine on this crazy cloudy and snowy day - I thought I'd post something cheery and full of color. The storms today are heading south and no one is immune from the snow...So, just imagine these little bulbs shining through the ground and you'll know that you are just a cou...
I am a person of many hobbies and projects. Always I have a box full of yarn, material and patterns waiting for my attention and rarely do I seem to find time to work on them.This winter I have made a point to finish a blanket that I have been working on! Today was the day. I set the crochet need...
Sometimes when you see a house it's clear as mud if it's for you or not. It might be size... it might be shape... it might be number of bedrooms or the size and feel of the kitchen. If it doesn't fit your personality it can be quite obvious right away. Sometimes it's a matter of what your mind ha...
Long around the end of January we Minnesotans start itching for the warmer weather and a little green to shine underneath the white snowy blanket. It's probably why Groundhog's day lands in the first week of February - we just need a little assurance that the weather will change and for the warme...
If you are on the lookout for a great home in 2011 you have found a great place to start! It's about more than just digging out the binoculars and looking out the window. Though there are homes in every neighborhood on the market right now... it takes a professional to help find the greatest deal...
Here Kitty Kat sits... on top of a fence post. Little do you know that he is preparing to pounce the broom. Or... the next person that walks close enough for him to land!Kitty Kat entertains us often. He's outside and he's young so he hasn't been de-clawed which is good and bad. He loves pouncing...
Okay, so honestly.... I should have cropped the picture better. Nothing like seeing our wood bins and fireplace stuff in the background but it's my reality. Tonight the boys and I decided that instead of moving my 'work' to another table for dinner that we would just move our dinner to a differen...
Saturday morning and I'm thinking about all the loads of things that I didn't finish this week which means that next week's list has grown to gigantic proportions. As I lazed about reading my novel I specifically decided to put aside the 'must dos' for a little me time. That's when I decided it w...
Having been tagged by Scott Hayes.... I figured it's about time to get started on my Memes! Yes, I said Memes.... In twenty four hours I was tagged three times and I've been figuring out how to go about this. Should I share fifteen things? Share five and note all three taggers? Share three Meme P...
This may not look like much, so let's "imagine" that the temp is 8 degrees and the windchill is about -10. The wind is blowing so strong that it looks like it should be snowing... Welcome to Minnesota!Winter has truly arrived. At least four days of negative temps with schools closing in the morni...

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