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Ponderings of local Realtor, Lindsey Hasford. Keeping up with the journey of real estate and the changes in the marketplace. Read on for antidotes, stories, statistics and encouragement in the journey of home buying, selling and life in general.



  Instead of hanging on to your hats you might want to hang on to a tree! The wind is far too strong for sailing or kite flying today. In fact... it's nearly too windy for anything outdoors.I keep wondering it my kids are gonna blow away out there - and they are insisting on playing out there. We...
After taking time at the cemeteries to reflect on the heritage left by those that went before us... and the military that sacrificed for our freedoms.. and the visits to the parks in Red Wing we drove back to Elk River for a little R&R with the family.I hope that you too got a few moments to enj...
                Wishing you the best this Memorial Day!May 2011 bring remembrance of freedom and hope as we reflect on our military and veterens.It's a day of much for many. Families, friends, BBQ's, shopping, cemetery visits...Wherever this day takes you -May it be blessed and may it be beautif...
This weekend isn't just about family and holiday. It's about the celebration of life and freedom. It's about the soldiers that have fought and gone on ahead fighting for our liberties. My gramps was a veteran. It spoke volumes when I watched them fold the flag over his coffin at his funeral. As ...
What else was there to say? As the skies darken this afternoon and the tv is consumed with weather reports we are going to be focusing on the a little yellow. The kids will have their attention diverted and National Hamburger Day will plunge forward!So... in preparation for the storms to come.. ...
Sometimes buying a home can feel a little like walking down a hall with many doors... the question that remains is 'which door will you choose?' Does it go something like this?What exactly lies behind door number 1? Or 2? Am I really getting what I see? The door to the left looks so appealing... ...
Once in awhile I show a house and really really have to bite my bottom lip. The buyer sees something totally different than  I do and I would hate for them to be "steered" into a decision that wasn't their own. You might find me mumbling comments under my breath but so quietly that only I could h...
It's not often I go speechless, but this post stands all alone. There is nothing I could say to change what I perceive. My question would be - what do you see? I would love to hear your thoughts....The title of the photo is "Sway" - What would you name it?
As many of you know we have chickens on our "farm." I have been blessed with half hens and half roosters so at the moment the chances of fertilized eggs is really really good. About a month ago a young lady was looking for such eggs to incubate and hatch for her final high school assignment this ...
Sundays are special for my family. It's the one day of the week that I really try to 'protect.' I love real estate and the challenges it gives to overcome, but on Sundays I try and put it all away... at least for a few hours. Spending time with family, celebrating faith and working on projects th...

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