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Ponderings of local Realtor, Lindsey Hasford. Keeping up with the journey of real estate and the changes in the marketplace. Read on for antidotes, stories, statistics and encouragement in the journey of home buying, selling and life in general.



Seeing as how summer is starting to come to an end... (at least in my neck of the woods) I hope that you get time to get out and gaze at the clouds. Don't miss the moment cuz it'll be gone before you blink.Enjoy the yard that you work so hard to keep up and just sit back and look up. It's amazin...
If I were a tractor driving farm girl I think that I'd prefer this kind of ride! Really, how could a farm girl go wrong with a rocking chair, umbrella and some flowers to boot. Actually got a chuckle watching this tractor parade on Sunday. I was thinking of my grandparents farm and how my Gram's...
We went to the Nowthen Threshing Show today and enjoyed every minute of this special event! With all of us walking away with special memories of the day and learning more about farming and the "old way of life" we were thrilled to be able to attend!If you ask my five year old the best part was h...
My baby boy turns FOUR today!!! As excited as he is... he really wants to be six and that's only because big brother is five. Growing up is never easy, but it is a great deal amount of fun!We are on our way out the door to celebrate BIG time the growing up of both our boys... one succeeding at s...
This week I ran across the cutest little book at the library. The kids didn't pick it, but I did because I had to see more than just the cover. Have you ever been drawn into a book that way? I just couldn't resist it.... it looked too cute! A Sock is a Pocket for Your Toes has got to be one of my...
We have discovered in our house (as of lately) that a nightly bike ride is as important to our evening routine as reading stories before bedtime. With a 4-year old now having enough strength to push himself for a mile and a 5-year with too much energy (and riding circles around us) it's just a gr...
Summer is beginning to wane and the weather is starting to change. Donning jeans instead of shorts is quite appealing and the fans have ceased running at night due to nice crosswinds from the cool evening air.The gardens are still quite lovely with flowers popping up everywhere. Enjoying the sce...
        If you have ever wondered why it's cool to own your own plot of land... I'll give you one of my favorites. They aren't always pretty,but they are yummy!(And fun to play with too!)Mr. Veggie man grew in our garden this week. See... When you pluck the veggies they don't always look cute, bu...
If you hang on social media you may have seen twitterings of a man orbiting the earth....IF you've seen these comments you might wonder:a. What on earth is he doing?b. Where in the world is he now?c. Does he let the world hang under the moon at night while he's resting?Well, after some research ...
For thirty(one) years my parents have lived in the same neighborhood, on the same street, at the same address.  In all those many years they have resurfaced the roads one time. Once. That's it.... that I can remember and that they talk about.This fall they aren't getting just a resurfacing, but ...

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