elk river: Shiver me timbers... - 02/06/13 01:35 AM

I cannot imagine what it is like to jump in a lake at 30 degrees.... 20 degrees... ZERO degrees. I don't want to know, but I am HAPPY to sit on the sidelines supporting those who do and take their pictures being silly.

Elk River SHIVER 2013 is only a few days away and there is great anticipation of the fun that is to come from the event. If you've never joined in the event this might just be the year. And, for being outside in the middle of the COLD season... there really is something for everyone.

Whether you are joining … (4 comments)

elk river: Eat your feast Mr. Mayor... you are a hero in my book. - 03/04/12 02:15 PM
A lovely read in the Elk River Star News today reveals the intent of several local mayors to walk in the shoes of the hungry this week. The challenge? To live off the same that a typical family on 'support' would be given through food programs. Starting today these fine leaders are putting away their own resources and for seven days will eat like those that are struggling. According to the article they are restricting their food budget to just over $27 for the week. This equals a little over $3/day for food and drink. They have been asked to avoid … (7 comments)

elk river: Elk River Library Settled In... - 03/04/12 02:14 PM
The Elk River Public Library relocated to it's new spot across from the City Hall and Lake Orono in October of 2007. At the grand opening event we were amazed at the size, the eco-friendly atmosphere and the children's section that ensued from the move. There was some 'concern' to the distance it sat from our true downtown areas and whether this spot was a good choice or not for the community library. 
Truthfully, I was skeptical in the beginning as well. But, I quickly learned, and have greatly come to appreciate it's new location. Yes, it's twice the distance from … (2 comments)

elk river: A little bit of country... - 02/27/12 12:40 AM
If you can imagine a thirty degree day, snow threatening the weather stations, a cup of java at your side while watching a beautiful fire burning in your fireplace...Then you will know why we chose to live in the country. There is something beautiful about looking at the natural landscape on every drive into town. Sure, sometimes it's a 'bother' to run to town because of the distance but not enough to compensate for the beauty and creation that surrounds us. Living in the country isn't for everyone.... with long driveways to plow, more acreage and yard to care for, the … (10 comments)

elk river: A lovely scene... - 02/24/12 02:08 PM
Last year there was some  controversy and ill feeling about the Elk River Water Tower making the endangered historical landmark list. There was chatter about tearing it down and how to save it from the endangered list. I honestly can't say that I know the outcome of the historical landmark, but if it's in my power it will be remembered in it's glory. There was a space in time that this was one of the only water towers in town. Probably not so very long ago either. I remember when they constructed the tower 'up on the hill.' It was big … (7 comments)

elk river: Friends helping friends? - 02/15/12 04:42 PM
Buying a home has gotten harder over the last few years, but it can seem easy compared to the moving itself. There is the sorting, the packing, the loading, the cleaning. And, in one sentence I've summed up a process that can take weeks.... especially without help. Granted there are a lot of folks that have hired movers over the years, but there are also those that need to call on those they know and love for help. Personally I've only moved three times in my adulthood... and I'm grateful for that. Total mileage between moves has been less than ten … (11 comments)

elk river: Speechless Sunday in Elk River - 01/29/12 04:03 PM

Okay, so I took the photo on Friday in the snowstorm, but saved it for today. Just couldn't help myself! Handke Pit is on of the most popular winter features in our fine city. A great place for skating, sledding and hockey. Just a great place for winter fun!

elk river: A Day in the Park. - 01/21/12 03:57 PM

Late last year I decided that open houses weren't cutting it for me and that I'd rather spend my time supporting neighborhoods, enhancing streets and giving back to the community that raised me. Soooooo... I've started my quest. Today was the first of many planned neighborhood 'events' that I have planned for my area through the spring and summer months.We spent our afternoon at Meadow Park in Elk River today. 20 degree weather and keeping warm with layers and layers of bundled up clothing and hot chocolate. We might have looked like a bunch of dough boys going up the … (13 comments)

elk river: We're going sledding..... and you are invited! - 01/20/12 04:03 AM
Tomorrow, Saturday January 21st 2012, Hasford Homes (better known as Lindsey Hasford from Coldwell Banker Vision) will be hosting a sledding and cocoa party at Meadow Park in Elk River!
We hope that you will be able to join the fun!!! This is but a small park with one hill, but it loves to be tromped on and enjoyed.
For the first 50 that visit we will be sponsoring hot chocolate!!!!
Hope that you'll be there. What: Sledding and Cocoa at Meadow ParkWhere: The corner of Evans and 2nd Street in Elk River (well, one house down but you'll see it!)When: … (7 comments)

elk river: It's always good to curl up with a book! - 12/02/11 03:14 AM

December is full of tradition... at least for us! It all starts on Thanksgiving with the Gingerbread Houses and goes all the way through the New Year. This year is no exception. You've seen the houses... and and yesterday we started our advent season (more on that in another post) but today I'm concentrating on the books.Curling up with a good book is always a good idea! And, right now we have a pile of them to work through! We are excited to have  more than 25 Christmas books to read this season. The library is a great resource and … (5 comments)

elk river: Christmas Lights!!! Let's see 'em! - 11/30/11 04:02 PM

I love Christmas Lights. Oh heck... I love Christmas. It's so special to drive around at night with the kids in the back seat enjoying their remarks over the beautiful scenery that we are passing by. Usually with Christmas music floating through the car and kids counting rapidly as the lights fly past. Because I can't seem to get enough of the season... I'm hosting a lights contest. If you live in Minnesota you are welcome to join in the fun. It's simple. Post your photo HERE (click the link) and whomever has the most likes on their photo wins … (7 comments)

elk river: The biggest bestest "Black Friday" sale that no one noticed.... - 11/24/11 03:05 PM
It probably seems a bit tongue in cheek, but the whole day as we were perusing the ads (for things we'd never stand in line to buy) I realized that we were really missing out on the biggest bestest "Black Friday" sale that could ever be given. Better than cheap tv's, dvd players, gaming systems, phones, computers.... You get the picture?Yes, I like those things. I've even been eying a few items for awhile knowing that my time will come, but for now.... just biding my time. If I weren't such a chicken liver I might even brave a few of … (6 comments)

elk river: Don't miss the homecoming parade!!!! Tonight in Elk River. - 09/23/11 09:07 AM

Tonight in Elk River (September 23, 2011) School Street will be closed off at 4pm in preparation for the annual homecoming parade. Will you be there? This is a festive event in our community rallying together our football teams and local sports programs. It's a great time to see the spirit of the community as well as celebrate the accomplishments and hard work of our youngsters.Hopefully it's the beginning to a noisy night at the football park as fans and friends noisily cheer on the teams playing.This year Elk River is playing Monticello (a very nearby neighboring community) and it … (6 comments)

elk river: Have no fear... the ambulance is here! Taking a trip to the Sherburne County Fair - 07/16/11 06:02 PM
Remember those old episodes of M*A*S*H* that you watched everyday as a child? Maybe that only happened in our house. My children have never seen the show, but they certainly figured out the activing for it in a hurry!It took all of two minutes for my son to lay on the stretcher at the fair today. With Grandpa's help he took his turn as 'the patient' on the way to the hospital....YOu wouldn't believe his remarkable recovery when we announced it was time to visit the animals though. With a hop and a skip and a jump off the back they … (6 comments)

elk river: Parading through Town!!! - 07/15/11 05:05 PM
The annual Elk River Parade is a well attended event EVERY year. This year was no exception. Despite the downpours earlier in the day and the looming raindrops late into the afternoon it seems that much of Elk River was still sitting on the sidelines waiting for the parade to start at 6:30pm. We were no exception. Umbrellas at our feet and waterproof blanket under our bums we waited ever so patiently for the action to start.Pulling up our piece of grass near the beginning of the parade (as we do every year) we were pleased with the performances given by … (9 comments)

elk river: Sherburne County Fair starts tomorrow....! - 07/13/11 06:07 PM
The Sherburne County Fair opens it's gate tomorrow July 14th, 11 thru Sunday July 17th, 11. My boys have been watching the trucks pull in all week. Begging to visit the fair every time they see something else set up for entertainment purposes. The lights, the twirly rides, the excitement of the trucks... it's all so much fun! Friday, July 15th 2011 is the scheduled Parade going thru downtown Elk River. The annual event is always great family entertainment especially when one remembers to show up early to grab a good piece of sidewalk along the route. Main Street will be … (2 comments)

elk river: Hi Ho... Hi Ho... It's off to the fireworks show... - 07/05/11 02:17 PM
Sometimes you just gotta 'suck it up' and go to the show! Last night was one of those times for me. I have to say though... my normal reasons for hesitating weren't holding me back.
Last year's switchup for the Elk River fireworks was a great and awesome choice (in my opinion). For 30 years we've traveled to Orono Park for a small and modest fireworks display to be followed by a 3-hour drive home from the show. (A mere 5 mile drive.) Moving the display to Lion's Park has made way for a 15 minute walk home! Seriously, moving the … (3 comments)

elk river: A weed is a weed is a weed, or is it? - 06/19/11 03:53 PM
A weed is a weed is a weed is it? This morning I was wandering my gardens and admiring the size of the 'weeds' that the last three days of rain left behind when I realized that maybe I was just barking up the wrong tree.Maybe, just maybe, I should look at the view from a different standpoint. So...  collecting my vase of water and a scissors from the kitchen I set out to pick a little batch of sunshine for my kitchen table.This time of year is so lovely with all the flowers beginning to bloom and show their prettiness. … (10 comments)

elk river: Summer in Minnesota Photo Contest.... - 06/13/11 03:46 AM
If you've ever been to Minnesota you've probably taken a few pictures while you were there.... so why not put that good artistry to use and join the fun! The Summer In Minnesota Photo Contest is in full swing! Sponsored by the Elk River Star News to support the Elk River Fireworks display... this is a contest that is open to anybody. They are collecting your favorite photos of Minnesota until Thursday, June 23rd at noon. They may include any and all original photos of Minnesota that are appropriate. As long as you took the picture... you can enter it in … (5 comments)

elk river: Beautiful Sundays... - 05/22/11 04:18 PM
Sundays are special for my family. It's the one day of the week that I really try to 'protect.' I love real estate and the challenges it gives to overcome, but on Sundays I try and put it all away... at least for a few hours. Spending time with family, celebrating faith and working on projects that have been awaiting me for the whole week just makes my day. As it is I am in the middle fielding agent questions on listings, taking buyer appointments, thinking and writing... and all that goes with business for a day off. But it doesn't … (5 comments)

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