minnesota weather: Preparing for the Unpredictable... - 08/08/11 06:58 AM
I can honestly say that I'm grateful that here in the heartland we don't have to worry about cyclones, hurricanes, earthquakes (normally)... The unpredictability for us come in many other ways.100 and steamy humid from sunup to sundown quickly turns to massive thunder booming storms dropping trees in an instance. Leaving in the morning (especially during the summer) doesn't mean that it will stay that way.Just the other night I got stuck at my Mom's house during a gushing deluge of rain while seven miles away my hubby sat at home in the sunshine. The storm did reach our home that … (6 comments)

minnesota weather: Dog Days of Summer! - 07/07/11 02:47 PM
Childhood seems so long ago.... The days where Mama sat under the tree in our backyard and we played circles around her in the sunshine. The days where we all piled into one station wagon (like 8 kids and 2 adults) and headed to the beach. Or the days where we would take a good ol' watermelon and cut it open in the backyard - who doesn't like a good seed fight?It's my turn now. It's my turn to make those memories and bring a little sunshine into my squirrely burly boy's lives. Summer is only "so long" in Minnesota and … (12 comments)

minnesota weather: Keeping an eye on the freeze.... - 05/14/11 04:04 PM
In Minnesota you never know what you are gonna get...Could be cool ... could be hot. Could be windy... could be not.Could be rainy... could be freezy.That's about where we are at.Buds are blooming everywhere from fruit trees to grape vines and spring is in full bloom.The problem? We are looking at a freeze tomorrow night.Soooooo.... if you are one of the 'lucky' planters who found time to get your plants in the ground this week it could pose a slight setback. Not huge necessarily... just a set back.What to do? What to do?There are a couple of options to Minnesota … (6 comments)

minnesota weather: Same river... three weeks different... - 04/30/11 05:28 AM

About three weeks (maybe two weeks) ago I took the top photo showcasing the "flooding" that happens in Minnesota in the spring. There is a good portion of the flooding that is expected so the top photo isn't anything spectacular except that I LOVE water. Yesterday I drove past the same river on my way past a house and was surprised at how quickly the water has receded. The zoom on the bottom is a bit different from the top so the tree line doesn't match up right, but it IS the same river... same side of the bridge. The … (3 comments)

minnesota weather: Rain happens everywhere... I mean the weather... - 07/27/10 03:56 PM

Tonight's storm ended up being a deluge of rain causing deep puddles all the way down my driveway.
I am confident that my corn and sunflowers are quite happy with their lengthy drink.
But, our weather has been so volitable lately that it seems like watching the clouds is becoming a full-time job for any Minnesota resident.
With the recent storms taking out many trees and damaging multiple houses all around our metro area I think that everyone was holding their breath this afternoon when the storms began to roll in.
Holding the phone and yakking with my Dad … (6 comments)

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