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Ponderings of local Realtor, Lindsey Hasford. Keeping up with the journey of real estate and the changes in the marketplace. Read on for antidotes, stories, statistics and encouragement in the journey of home buying, selling and life in general.
Do you have a lookout? A perch? A watching point? Or do you rely on your doorbell? Ha. This bird actually reminded me of a parent waiting for their spouse to return home... or of a child waiting for a parent. Just hanging out in their "watch spot" for the expected.In all reality this bird was pro...
When is the last time you took a moment out to lay around on the beach and enjoy a cool (or warm) afternoon? This summer has given ample opportunity for beach lovers everywhere to excuse themselves for a quick cool refeshing swim. Again this week we are headed into the higher temperatures and gon...
Couldn't help but share a great reason to live in Minnesota! Every year we take a few days of timeout to enjoy the wild outdoors that the state has to offer. This year we headed out to Sibley State Park and were not disappointed. Okay... maybe a little... With temps near 100 most days of our vaca...
Did you know that whether you are a girl or not you are invited to join in the games at Chevy? They have given away soooooooo many fantabulous prizes this spring and summer. The games are ongoing and the prizes never seize to amaze me. There are Chevy girls all over the nation inviting and repres...
I very well may have made up a word "Toady," but nothing else will do here. It just seems quite appropriate for the situation.After all, when was the last time that you spent two hours of your hot summer evening trying to cool off a toad in a kiddie pool? For some reason the kiddos felt it their ...
Sometimes the power of suggestion can do crazy things. I've seen it before, but never in a more real way than our latest farm addition. This spring (as you may have seen) we spent time incubating eggs to add to our brood. Over the last few weeks we've been sending baby chicks to the hen house as ...
Buying a home can feel an awful lot like a fireworks display.It is exciting.It is adventurous.It is unsuspecting.It tells it's own story.It brings the family together.Each display is different.At times it's a complete dud... and other times it is overwhelming.Sometimes it doesn't have the expecte...
  We woke up this morning and the kids asked immediately when we we re heading to the park for fireworks. For the next 10 hours I had the privilege of reminding them that fireworks don't come until dark. I took the liberty of talking about the 4th of July every time they asked (which was about ev...
You might think that a closet is a closet no matter how big or how small. Thing is... a closet could just be the most important room in the whole house. If I'd known when buying my house how important closets would become over the years I would have chosen a little more carefully. You see.... our...
Living quite like I imagine the pioneers would we spend hours out in our gardens every day. Watering, weeding, watching, enjoying as our plants grow from seedlings to full grown participating members of our family. When a storm takes one out... I feel sad. When an animal steals one... I feel defe...

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