loans: Short Sales to save the Market? - 10/26/12 04:45 AM
 We have issues in our real estate market right now.  Inventory is low and there are still a good number of foreclosures on the market and short sales are taking forever. Add in the low rates and a good number of people who want to buy a house right now and we have our current market.

 I have an idea where the market is moving and I am actually excited about it. I think short sales are the next big wave and I see it as a positive in today’s market and a way to heal the real … (0 comments)

loans: Where to eat in Forestville CA - 03/24/10 02:09 PM
So.... are you talkiing about that little town between Sebastopol and Guerneville?  YES! that's the place!
Forestville is a lovely and diverse spot along the Russin River in western Sonoma County. It is truly in the heart of wine country and on the way to the redwoods and the rugged northern CA coast. Today I just wanted to share a little about some of the diverse places for every day eating in this quaint little town.
You may have heard that Mosaic is a great spot and you would be correct. Some of you may have even heard about a nice meal at … (0 comments)

loans: Questions, questions, questions - 11/12/09 04:43 PM
My industry has seen more changes in the last 20 months than I have seen in the last 20 years. I just take all of the changes that come down the pike and I roll them into my business and move on. I usually have a pretty sunny disposition but sometimes it just gets to me....
 A big question these days is what loan to use and why. There is a basic rule of thumb here that if you want to put less than 10% down, then FHA is a better loan for you and if you want to put 10% … (6 comments)

loans: This just in from Fannie Mae! - Multiple Mortgages to the Same Borrower OK - 02/07/09 11:30 AM
Towards the end of last year, Fannie Mae announced that they would not make a loan on investment property to anyone who had 4 or more mortgages. This was quite a blow to many people who are investors in real estate. The new rule did not care hoe many mortgages the borrower had when lending on their primary residence. Of course, Freddie MAc followed suit soon afterwards and they may here as well.
It looks like they re-thought this new rule and are almost repealing it. At least they have made some changes that should be positive for investors. here is … (0 comments)

loans: Can I still buy a house with no money down? - 02/07/09 10:58 AM
I was kind of stuck on what to write for this month’s article and so I started to look back at what I had written over the years and I saw headlines like these:
Is now a good time to buy a house? – January 2008 Risky Income Documentation? – August 2007 We have hit rock bottom and we are clawing our way back up! – March 2008 Time Travel for better interest rates. – May 2008 Can I still buy a house with no money down? – February 2008 I realized that I could take any one of these topics … (0 comments)

loans: Time travel for better interest rates. - 05/12/08 04:27 AM
I love technology but I am crippled by it many times. Technology is supposed to help us out, save us time and make things easier..... I took a trip to San Diego to visit relatives recently and I ended up taking a trip back to a simpler time and I was very tempted to stay there.  I flew out of the Santa Rosa Airport (small airport with 1 airline about an hour north of San Francisco). My friend dropped me off in front of the airport and I had to walk 20 feet to security. I made it through in about … (0 comments)

loans: FHA LOANS ROCK!, seriously, they do. - 04/12/08 06:13 AM
FHA loans are going to help us out tremendously in the near future and beyond. I used to do a ton of FHA loans but I have not done more than a handful in the last decade. That is all changing this week for me, I am doing a lot of FHA loans again and here is why:
 Approximately 97% loan to value.FHA does not change LTV if the property is in a declining market.The 3% down payment can come from a gift.6% of the sales price can come from the seller towards closing costs.There are down payment assistance programs that will … (4 comments)

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