fha fort lauderdale mortgage: Can I Get a Fort Lauderdale Mortgage After Foreclosure or Bankruptcy? - 10/19/11 05:24 AM
Can I get a Fort Lauderdale mortgage after foreclosure or bankruptcy? This is a very common question I receive from Home Buyers and Sellers every week. It's certainly a sign of the times in Florida, with about half of mortgage holders being underwater on their homes.

It's a very difficult decision for those that have a choice about keeping their home that's worth half of what they paid and may take years to regain it's value. Many realize that they could be living in a house with equal amenities for half the price they paid and a much lower monthly payment. … (0 comments)

fha fort lauderdale mortgage: Multi-Family Dwellings May Provide Solution For Some Upside Down Homeowners - 04/18/10 08:17 AM
FHA Fort Lauderdale Mortgage May Be The Answer

Did you know that a FHA Fort Lauderdale mortgage can be used to purchase a multi-family property up to four units?  That's right, as long as it's going to be used as a primary residence for the buyer.  So what, you may say.  Not so fast, as the FHA loan limits are higher for multi-unit properties and create a whole new opportunity for buyers and agents. The FHA Fort Lauderdale mortgage loan limits are as follows:
Single family - up to $428,750 Duplex             - up to $542,450 Tri-Plex           - up to $655,700 … (0 comments)

fha fort lauderdale mortgage: FHA Fort Lauderdale Mortgage Believe It Or Not - 03/30/10 08:29 AM
What if I were to tell you that you could short-sale your current primary residence and still qualify for a new FHA Fort Lauderdale mortgage. That's right, underwater home owners can now sell their property and still be able to purchase another home with a new FHA Fort Lauderdale mortgage.

How can that be possible you might ask? Well, like everything in life, there is one little caveat. The borrower must remain current on the mortgage payment while negotiating the short sale through to closing. The truth be told, there is about a sixty day window of opportunity before the short … (0 comments)

fha fort lauderdale mortgage: The Most Incestuous Fort Lauderdale Mortgage I've Ever Done - 03/18/10 07:54 AM
It sure seems like we're faced with many more challenges and far fewer tools to work with these days, especially in the Fort Lauderdale mortgage market. The massive foreclosure and short-sale issues have left many Florida homeowners with negative equity. This coupled with Florida's "Declining Value" Tag and more restrictive underwriting guidelines, have made it very difficult for many to find a Fort Lauderdale mortgage solution.

CMPS Mortgage Professionals, like myself, are commited to solutions and results. Many times my heart goes out to a family that is paralyzed by their housing problems and exasperated and humiliated by how they been … (1 comments)

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