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Intended to share information, ideas, and tips on buying and selling real estate in Phoenix, Arizona. Written by realtor and radio host, Harry F. D'Elia. This Blog focuses on the creation of wealth through real estate and is involved in teaching others how to conservativley buy and sell real estate to enhance one's current portfolio. Agent's are welcome to follow along and learn from Harry how to successfully meet your clients needs.



I AM TIRED OF RENTING I got up extra early this morning at around 5AM because I was excited about the new year approaching. So, I made myself a fresh cup of coffee and off I go to work on the computer. Yes, I do have my ritual in the morning. I view different web sites to check up on local, natio...
WHAT DOES ONE DO WHEN A LETTER COMES FROM THE HOA? I just received my first HOA letter in the mail the other day. I had to read it three tiems to understand that they were asking me to fix. HOA MEANS: HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION. It is governed by people within the same subdivision that are elected b...
CREDIT SCARY CALL HARRY SEARCHING FOR PHOENIX RENT TO OWN HOMES The banks have tightened up their purse strings by making that it more difficult for people to qualify for a conventional home mortgage. People now need a 680 or better credit score to be approved by FHA guidelines. Are you losing ho...
DEPRESSED ECONOMY AND HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT RATE LET'S THROW IN THE WHITE TOWEL How many of us keep reading newspaper articles about the depressed economy and high unemployment rate. We see it on the television nightly news reports. It is all over the Internet news reports. Everyone is talking about ...
SELF DIRECTED 401K MONIES PURCHASING REAL ESTATE CHECKBOOK CONTROL TODAY The Email below is from one of my clients wishing to learn more about self directed 401k real estate investments. Hi Harry, I would like to know about converting my traditional IRS into a self directed 401k plan so that I ca...
DO I REALLY NEED A HOME INSPECTION WHEN PURCHASING A HOME?  Email from one of my loyal radio listeners? Hi Harry, I was listening to your radio show this past week. You had a home inspector on your show. He was discussing what he does when he preforms a home inspection. I will be purchasing my fi...
SELLER NEEDS MORE INFORMATION ON SETTING UP A LEASE OPTION CORRECTLY ON THEIR HOME Hi Harry, I was listening to your radio show today. You were discussing that sellers might want to consider doing a lease option on their home to avoid discounting their home in this present market. I am very much ...
FIRST TIME REAL ESTATE INVESTOR WHY REAL ESTATE FOR AN INVESTMENT VEHICLE Email from potential client from the radio: Dear Harry, You put on an impressive radio show. I have been listening to your show for the past six months. I have been thinking about investing in real estate. However, this wou...
IMPORTANCE IN OBTAINING TITLE INSURANCE IN ARIZONA EMAIL QUESTION FROM MY CLIENT BELOW: Hi Harry, I am a first time home buyer. I just got prequalified for a home loan. I am ready to shop for a home. However, I do not know whether to purchase title insurance or not. Please explain title insurance...
MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT Well, Santa made history one more time this year by delivering presents around the World in one night. He has the best logistics that I have ever seen. My kids woke me up at 4AM ready to open presents. I had to send them back to bed for a couple more hours. I h...

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