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Intended to share information, ideas, and tips on buying and selling real estate in Phoenix, Arizona. Written by realtor and radio host, Harry F. D'Elia. This Blog focuses on the creation of wealth through real estate and is involved in teaching others how to conservativley buy and sell real estate to enhance one's current portfolio. Agent's are welcome to follow along and learn from Harry how to successfully meet your clients needs.



SUNDAY PHOTO   Here is photo of my car with my new A/C unit. Right! Someone broke into my car over night. They busted my front passenger side window. What did they take? They took my GPS unit and my Realtor wireless key located in the middle compartment. Why take the Realtor wireless key? I do no...
I HIT THE 700,000 POINT MILESTONE TODAY Wow, I reached the 700,000 milestone marker this morning. I was just thinking about April of 2009 when I started this journey called blogging. I had no clue about blogging. Yes, I avoided blogging for the following reasons like many in the real estate indus...
ANOTHER PHOENIX FIX AND FLIP UNDER PROJECT It was another successful week when it comes to Phoenix Fix and Flip homes. We purchased two great deals from the Arizona Trustee Sales. The two investors were very happy with both purchases. Many people avoid homes with tenants inside of them. Why? I be...
THURSDAY PHOTO Here is a current picture of a Phoenix Fix and Flip in action. We need to install a new kitchen in this home to make the home marketable. The old kitchen was over thirty years old. We basically ripped out the entire kitchen to create a blank canvas. So, we decided to add a second b...
I DO NOT WANT TO PURCHASE A HOME FROM THE ARIZONA TRUSTEE SALES IF THE HOME IS OCCUPIED It was another busy day at the Arizona Trustee Sales this week. We were in swift competition with one of the main bidders when going after this one house. Well, we were the successful bidder. Did you know it w...
LEARN TO AVOID THE TOP 5 MISTAKES WHEN CREATING A BUSINESS PLAN FOR REAL ESTATE It is critical for all of us to create a business plan for each one of us so that we have a road map to arrive at our destination. I see so many Realtors not focused and frustrated. This can be remedied by establishin...
TOP 10 WAYS FOR A REALTOR TO DEFINE ONESELF IN THE LOCAL REAL ESTATE MARKET   How many phone calls do you receive on a weekly basis from people trying to sell us something? I honestly receive about four phone calls per week. Where do they obtain our information? Well, they get our information for...
SUNDAY PHOTO Here is a picture of my son in our new tent for camping. I came home Friday afternoon from work. I was greeted at the door by my entire family. They instructed me to close my eyes and to follow them. So, I proceeded to walk with my eyes closed to the backyard. Both of my children wer...
HOUSE FOR RENT ON CRAIGSLIST CONSUMER FRAUD IN YOUR OWN NEIGHBORHOOD It was another normal Saturday afternoon in my neighborhood. I was on the computer following up with Emails and submitting offers on properties. Then, my son informed me that there were six cops cars down the street. Wow, this n...
WHAT TYPE OF EXPENSES CAN I DEDUCT BEING A REAL ESTATE INVESTOR? GREAT QUESTION To be deductible, a business expense must be both ordinary and necessary. An ordinary expense is one that is common and accepted in your trade or business. A necessary expense is one that is helpful and appropriate fo...

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