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Here we are, surrounded with technology. Websites featuring "homes for sale" are found at every turn. Whether you google crime rates, schools or whatever, you will get a Real Estate Agent or Company site in the results.  Many of them offer limited information, but this is primarily due to the fac...
According to various local media sources, we have more good news to be happy about!  In The Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill NC): Unemployment rate is down! Foreclosures are down 46% Home Sales are up 5.5% Woohoo! Spread the word!
I just watched the national news on ABC and almost had to laugh. "Yes, new home sales are up" and "home sales overall were up in September", but "be cautious"...blah blah blah. It's like they couldn't stand it! They couldn't bear to say "woohoo! good news!" Some would say it's our fault. Because ...
I recently read the Obama Tax Plan and was concerned to find (on pg.2) that it stated that homeowners would recieve a 10% tax credit for mortgage interest paid. Since mortgage interest is currently fully deductible, I asked my CPA who said that under the Obama plan, that would change. I can't see...
Blame, blame, blame...it's all around us! Everyone seems to be caught up in "who to blame for the crisis". Apparently there are some who think we should be on that list (trulia ). I attended a toastmasters meeting last night for the first time, and the members were asked to respond to various que...
Wow, what a roller coaster the past few weeks have been! The news certainly hasn’t been great, but it’s also being spun in very broad strokes. To say that ALL credit is frozen is about as accurate as the media’s portrayal of the housing market for the past year! Recent events have definitely affe...

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