buying a home: How to Avoid Buying a Money Pit - 08/25/14 01:44 AM
How to Avoid Buying a Money Pit
There's an old saying that a boat is nothing more than a hole in the water that you pour your money into. Boats are expensive – from the purchase to the ongoing maintenance – and boat owners throw a lot of money into that hole.
If that's true, then it's easy to imagine a house being a hole in the ground, ready to swallow a fortune. Sadly, many of them are just that, but it doesn't have to be that way.
If you're house hunting, it's easy to be swayed by design features and … (0 comments)

buying a home: Writing a Home-Offer Letter- Is It a Good Idea? - 08/11/14 06:14 AM
Writing a Home-Offer Letter – Is It a Good Idea?

The most important letter you'll submit to a home seller is the one you'll get from your lender stating that you are preapproved for a mortgage. Savvy listing agents will counsel their clients to refuse offers from unapproved buyers, so all the flowery prose of a home-offer letter will mean nothing without loan preapproval.
Assuming you have your lender's letter, whether or not you also submit a home-offer letter depends a great deal on the type of market in which you're buying and the competition.
The Market When the real … (6 comments)

buying a home: Scoping Out a Neighborhood - 03/03/14 01:52 AM

Scoping Out a Neighborhood
Homebuyers enter the process with one of two mindsets. There are those who know what kind of house they want – the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the type of kitchen and maybe whether or not they want a yard. Then there are those who knowwhere they want to live, such as a specific school district or neighborhood, but haven't completed a wish list of home features.
Seldom does a homebuyer tell her real estate agent that she wants a "three-bedroom, two-bathroom home with a gourmet kitchen, a fireplace and a pool in the backyard, located … (1 comments)

buying a home: Getting to That Big "YES" Requires Work on Your Part - 01/19/14 06:38 AM

Getting to That Big "YES" Requires Work on Your Part
Attention Buyers: To get to that big "yes" requires work on your part. This isn't a "slam dunk". Yes, the lender will ask questions, require proof and come close to wanting your "first born". But, in the end you will most likely walk out of a closing with the keys to your new house. Before you start daydreaming of color schemes, and backyard parties due your research. If you don't have a real estate agent first- get one. We will educate you in the steps in the mortgage … (0 comments)

buying a home: Sell Yourself and Your Services To Buyers - 07/17/13 10:12 PM
Sell Yourself and Your Services To Buyers

Seller demand for real estate professionals is extremely high, yet buyers are less drawn to hire out for services. With the internet being readily available its easy to search out listings on their own.
Analyzing the housing market individually is possible, its important for buyers to seek professional counsel when making such a large decision. Any misstep can cost a buyer thousands dollars, at a minimum.
As a buyer representative you have to go the extra mile to show these people you are there to help them. Here are some points to prove … (3 comments)

buying a home: What Buyers Really Want In A Home - 02/28/13 08:51 PM
What Buyers Really Want In A Home

Home buying activity is finally beginning to pick up, and so builders are naturally interested in finding out the latest trends among buyers in order to better understand their wants and needs. With that in mind, the National Association of Home Builders recently carried out a large survey of buyers in order to ascertain how the recession has affected their thinking when it comes to consumer’s home buying wish lists.

The study, which was released earlier this week, found that buyers are overwhelmingly much more cautious and sensitive to prices than … (2 comments)

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