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An email came in sent to all our agents in the area and (I paraphrase) that he had a buyer pre-qualified for X dollars. They were looking at all homes in that price range, but wondered if we, the listing agents, had anything listed HIGHER that we knew our seller would sell at this lower rate. Exc...
The drive between San Francisco and Crescent City in Northern California is 6 hours along US Hwy. 101, 4 of those are through seemingly endless beautiful forested areas. On a rainy day when clouds obscure the mountains, valleys and small hamlets, however, those 4 fours can become very tedious and...
While following up with a seller of a property that was sold in December, I received a heartfelt thank you for all the work I had done to get the property sold. Specifically, he had just been going through the photos I had taken of the property and how great they were. At first I thought he migh...
One of my clients moved out of state and had me sell one of his rental properties. The seller who had been reluctant to reduce the price over the course of the listing finally realized that he could buy REO rental properties where he now lives - and get a much better deal there. And now he is mo...
Once your seller has accepted an offer and escrow has been opened, advise your seller to slow down about spending "his" money from the sale on another property. Here are some conversations I had with an out-of-town seller and his "new" agent there: 1. Seller's agent in another state calling to "c...
  It was a beautiful day in the small hamlet of Hiouchi in Del Norte County, California today. I stopped off at the convenience store and there they were: fishermen and a fisherwoman all decked out in what I presumed were fishing clothes.  Not knowing too much about the fine points of fishing for...
Yesterday I had an opportunity to study how people behave while waiting on the tarmac. We had a medical emergency on the plane and were asked to stay in our seats until the paramedics could come on board and help a passenger. Most of us, 95% roughly, stayed put waiting it out until we were told w...
When everyone freaks out, the real estate broker needs to be calm. The more calm conveyed (the bigger the eye of the storm) the less hurricane force winds are produced. You, the broker, needs to take control of any situation before the storm escalates and gets out of hand. In any and all situatio...
Several other AR blogs inspired me to write this blog, some by buyers agents others by listing agents. I keep hearing that without a pre-qual from a lender, they are not inspired to show property. For the buying agents it is more understandable because they show a lot of houses, and lots of time ...

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