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When you make an appointment for a home inspection, you don't even think about the weather, whether it helps or hinders the process. We had a pretty big storm come through up here last night with hail, wind, and rain. This morning it was pretty chilly so I suggested to my buyer that she should we...
Yesterday, I had to calm down a buyer about a home inspection that I had just set up. She started out staying that "if he didn't do a good job, I'm not going to pay him." At that point I knew that I had not communicated well with her as to what a home inspector does. Or I thought that was the pro...
Our gasoline in Del Norte County is at at $4.39, probably the highest in the country except for Hawaii. Have I changed the way I do business because of it? You bet I have. It's not that I am not prepared to spend the money if it is necessary, but I do think about how I spend my time, and hopefull...
No, I don't mean that people are driving less, they are just driving to where the gas is cheaper! I'm sure you drive to places like Costco where you get a break on gas--and then stay to shop for groceries and other items, which is also less expensive. That means a lot of local grocery and other s...
This last month has been incredibly busy for me. Lots of calls on my listings, both from agents with their clients and calls from my own marketing. And with several new contracts signed, you can imagine the paperwork back and forth. This morning was an absolutely clear, beautiful, sunny and warm ...
Getting to the closing table is obviously our real estate business goal when we have signed sales contracts. And each one seems to have some foibles that especially need our attention. This is especially true if it's a short sale. If you are the selling agent, you have to deal with the lenders. I...
When multiple offers come in, the listing agent needs to look at all the facts before recommending one offer over the others. In essence, pick the one that has the most chance to close. What to look for: 1. First and foremost, how much money is being offered. You would think there is a clear "win...
For listings agents, yard sign calls can be a very important marketing tool. Not just to possibly sell the listing they are calling about, but as a new buyer prospect if this particular property does not work for them. When I get a call about one of my listings, it gives me the opportunity to SHO...
Seems that a lot of people in the evening are looking through, for example, Realtor.com for properties and send off enquiries to the listing agent. And these I answer in the mornings first thing. The querry usually is something like: "I would like more information regarding the property at 13 Nau...
One of my greatest tools is the "Personal Hotspot" on my iPhone4. How many times have you looked for a connection for your computer or the connection was SUPER SLOW? I was on the road a lot for  about six weeks and needed to generate documents, email contracts, and generally get onto websites wit...

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