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I make it a point to have my listings expire either on June 30 or December 31. Why? After JUNE and for the summer season, we get so many calls from buyers actually showing up at the property and calling from the yard sign. I need to be sure that the SELLER has his CURB APPEAL down. Usually buyers...
From a real estate standpoint today was a bust. Everybody is driving hither and yon to do errands to get ready for backyard cookouts. Grocery stores and superstores like Cosco are doing great business selling the makings for BBQ and libations of all kind. Beer is stacked in cases right by the fro...
Part of the confusion that consumers have is that they don't know the distinctions we, the real agents and brokers have when dealing with our potential buyers and sellers. We either call them a "customer" or a "client". A customer is someone who has not made a commitment to work with a specific a...
I started to writte a long COMMENT on my own last blog but then realized I had gotten into a VARIATION of my original question and it deserved its own blog. Here is what I believe re Buyers Representation Agreements: 1. First, there are several reasons why agents shy away from asking for a Buyers...
You are a real estate agent and start talking to a customer whom you then take to a new residential development. And you sign them in. And you walk around. Very soon thereafter you receive a call from an agent from another brokerage saying HE HAS A BUYERS REPRESENTATION AGREEMENT with this person...
That's a question I get periodically. To me that's right up there with "let's NOT have a yard sign on the property," and "let's NOT put it on the MLS." Mr. Seller, if you are committed to selling your property, let's not play games with potential buyers. Even though it might be a strategy to "tak...
Did you know that you can legally get a referral fee from a broker in Hawaii, BUT YOU CAN'T SET FOOT IN THE STATE OF HAWAII DURING THE TRANSACTION? I wonder what brought that one on. Could it be: 1. Brokers were delivering clients personally via private jet to hand them over? It would clog up the...
I've heard that in some states the seller's broker is the subagent of the listing broker. That is when the listing broker puts the listing up on the MLS and offers a commission, then the selling broker automatically becomes the subagent if he/she shows the listing, makes an offer, and get the sta...
What is GOLD to a real estate professional? Is it something you strive for or is it more the "end of the rainbow" kind that happens after a whole lot of effort on your part? Golden moments come and go, much like a rollercoaster ride. One minute you get a call on a listing that sounds really promi...
I promised myself to write a blog every day on Activerain this month, and didn't realize how hard it was. The problem? There are LOTS of things happening in my real estate world, but I CAN'T TALK ABOUT IT for various reasons. 1. Client confidentiality involved. 2. New business that is still evolv...

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