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I am not very creative in the evenings when it comes to writing, so I let nature "talk" for me today. At this time of the year sunsets don't set into the ocean where I happen to be, but one can still come up with some creative ways to make it look beautiful. All these people had the front row sea...
Raise your hand if you remember this song so popular in 1970! I have fond memories of the 1970s, mostly of: - MINI SKIRTS - BELL BOTTOMS - 4-inch heels with pointy toes (oh, yeh, they are back) - women - PLATFORM SHOES, mostly disguised as cowboy boots - men - DISCO - terrific exercise - TRAVEL W...
Customer or client? Pay full commission for their buying side? Hand over the keys to let themselves into your listing? How do you handle them? This occured over the weekend and, for the record, I had a trusted associate open the door so that is a side issue not covered here. But how about if he m...
Today a REALTOR(R) was looking at one of my listings and wondered what the buzzing was at the front door. Turns out that Bald Faced Hornets had built a football sized nest right under the stoop. He didn't realize this until he came back out and dropped the key, disturbing the nest underneath. Tha...
When clients ask for you to "jump", do you ask "how high"? I have to admit, these photos I took today brought that on plus the fact that the Olympics have just started. The question is real, though. Do you give it everything you've got or do you just give enough of a jump to get by, beat the reco...
This morning I was working on a problem that had occurred at one of my listings, a referral. Obviously I got in touch with my sellers to discuss the problem. And then I thought, should I clue in the agent who referred this listing to me? DO THEY CARE BEYOND THE FACT THAT THEY WILL OR WILL NOT GET...
Dogs do not have it easy in an urban environment. Their people go to work and they are left alone all day. And what do many of them do? They are lonely and tell the world! In order to avoid problems with their neighbors, what are the dog owners resorting to? TO CRATE THEIR DOGS. To my way of thin...
Today my daughter and I had a date to go to a dermatologist together, Not your ordinary outing, would you say? Both of us had been putting it off, but both of us knew we had a possible concern. In this day and age, this is no ordinary outing and there is nothing lighthearted about it. Both of us ...
Do you have a buyer who is REALLY interested in a property but his offers have been turned down? Well, keep trying!! Until someone else has bought that property, there is still a chance. REASONS WHY YOU, THE BUYER, MIGHT HAVE BEEN TURNED DOWN AND WHAT YOU CAN TRY: 1. The sales price is too high, ...
Why is this important? Because I lucked into a fabulous beach party yesterday and wondered what was going on. Everyone seemed to follow a color scheme (their flag) and fun was had by all. Very little English was spoken so I didn't get much chance to ask what the actual occasion was. When I got ba...

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