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In the "glory days" a seller would give a buyer a second mortgage of a few thousand and no one thought about it much here in our Trustee state of California. Then, equity vanished and so did owner's second mortgages when the house went into foreclosure. All of a sudden I've had several requests f...
January, as I've written here before, is the month I make a major push towards sprucing up my business model for the year. Once again, education is the backbone to do this. But hitting the books is not so easy hour after hour, day after day so I need to give myself rewards. This morning, I went t...
Not every buyer appears wanting to buy a 3-bedroom, 2-bath home plus a family room for their 2.5 kids. Not every buyer that comes across your threshold looks at 6 homes and says, that's the one I want, where do I sign. And, oh yes, I am, of course, pre-qualified for the exact amount of the sales ...
When it's cold outside and you find there is spare time, it's a great time to curl up and do your studying whether it's continuing education courses or other real estate related information you have been meaning to look up. For the past few years I have always made January my month to get the yea...
If you read my blog yesterday, it was something of a brain-freeze day. Even my iPhone4 froze up in mid-photo taking. Could not do a thing with it. I had taken a friend to an acupuncturist with a very painful back. I was in the middle of taking the photo below while waiting in the waiting room sur...
Let's be frank, I expect to make money, after all, I'm in business. But here is one example where I backed away and did NOT make money today. A hard money lender called me today, he was considering making a loan on a piece of commercial property in Crescent City. He felt pretty confidant about th...
Snow is not something we get much of here in Del Norte County, at least not near the Redwoods which grow between the ocean and about 10 to 15 miles inland. Rain, lots of it, is much more likely to be our weathern pattern during the winter months. But it's been an especially dry winter so far unti...
Traditional Lion Dance Blessings  I went to the traditional Lion Dance blessings in Honolulu's Chinatown last night. Over several blocks of downtown, with traffice kept out of the area, groups of dancers could be seen like this wiley little one next to me below in the photo. Stick out a dollar, a...
Bet you thought I was talking about taking real estate courses, trying out new marketing strategies, "farming" in a more efficient way, and joining more organizations in order to expand your networking, for starters. Ok, but where do you get all the additional energy to get all this accomplished?...
Yes, there should be an etiquette for a cancelled escrow only because, who knows, the following could happen: 1. You will in all probability work with that agent again 2. You may even have another go at the property you just cancelled out of 3. And you need to be ok with your client, buyer or sel...

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