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At last count, about 825,000 statewide households have been targeted in California to pay a fire prevention fee, a flat $150.00. Many people are fighting this fee, but this is not why I am laughing. Today I received this very official letter, and I am quoting from here, I can't make this up. IMPO...
Wow, are we jaded or what? My phone rings, and an automated voice says: "Congratulations, you have been selected for a free cruise to the Bahamas." Geez, what to do? I HUNG UP THE PHONE. Well, I actually "clicked off" the call. Interesting how we still use that phrase, though. Anyway, after I had...
It seems like we are all holding our breath. The election is only a week away, and now we have Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast keeping us all on tenderhooks. Even the telemarketeers haven't pestered me. Personally, I can't wait for all this madness to be over with. WISH I HAD THE PATIENCE OF TH...
What a weekend. Almost overshadowing the election coverage are the Sandy hurricane updates. And then I hear that my friends and family in Hawaii were under a tsunami warning from the earthquake off British Columbia. Somehow it just doesn't seem fair that we had one of the most beautiful fall days...
Spent the day going through several boxes that I packed in 1993 during my big move from Hawaii to California. Yes, almost 20 years ago. Why in the world would I not unpack them? Easy, because when you move all your stuff from the islands, it gets packed into a container, gets put on a container s...
Looking back: Jack Lord in 1970, star of the original "Hawaii 5-0" TV series. I have been organizing a lot of old files and have come across some interesting photos that date back to my Hawaii days. Did you know I lived there for 24 years total? My daughter, her husband, and my two grandboys stil...
It was one of those nights where none of us was getting much sleep. Thunder and lightning pretty much all through the night. Two of my three dogs are wozzes about that, so one is hiding under under the bed, the lab wants to climb in bed with me, and the third is oblivious (she's pretty deaf). So ...
OR IT CAN BECOME A PROBLEM ALL AROUND. This is the second time during the past week that I have found inaccurate or not updated information about agents on the Department of Real Estate website. On one that I came across yesterday, neither the broker nor the agent had made the update. What that m...
It's been kind of quiet for a couple of weeks to a point where I was starting to buy into the thought that probably not much will happen until after the election. And tonight is the 3rd debate between the candidates. HOW WRONG I WAS! Evidently hordes of buyers (well, I may be overstating it, but ...
A couple of homeowners whose financial circumstances have changed drastically (one lost her job, the other is self-employed and lost contracts due to market conditions), have asked me in regards to short selling their home: 1. Do I NOT pay the mortgage first? 2. Do I KEEP paying the mortgage. "WH...

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