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If you are considering a home purchase this spring, why not let us help. There are over 200 Houses that are under $200,000 in Collin county that are going through the foreclosure process.   199,900  4/4 2 car garageMany of these homes are in good condition; they are simply houses whose owners hav...
When it's gray and gloomy outside so many of us try to stay inside. We are having a couldburst kind of day today in North Texas and the best thing about it is the flowers are just rejoicing! We have petunias in front of the office that are dancing in the rain! It's funny to watch them kind of wig...
I still have one missing but, this was so exciting to just be fooling around on my "" searches and run across an old buddy from the "cellular days"_those were the 1980's for me. She is still out there doing it and here I am settled into a new, after 18 years, not so new business! It i...
What a relief to find that some of them changed themselves-Forward in case you forgot. I spent Sunday morning while breakfast was cooking changing the 4! clocks in the kitchen.  Thank heaven the computers changed themselves! Hope you are bright eyed and bushy tailed, I woke up sleepy today- Adjus...
We had a networking meeting today at the Collin County Association of REALTORS and that is normal for a Tuesday we have them every week. What made this week different is that we had the company of Judge Charles Sandoval in attendance and he was in fact our featured speaker. Now he is an elected o...
We were reminded today of a strange quirk in the system. Some people have mentioned that they were considering voting cross party some in Democratic and some in repubican parties this time. We were told that in the primary this is not allowed. At our local level it affects people that we do want ...

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