broker: Is it time for a second home in a warmer more temperate climate? - 02/29/08 02:13 AM
***This property is in MEXICO the country, but there is no way to list it that way*** I am working with a developer who is building new Condos listed at 145,000 and may be rented for approximately $2K/month (approximately when not in use by owners) Also single family villa homes at $220,000.
This is a full service community located near Puerto Vallerta, (West side of Mexico, mainland) There is a local Wal-mart, in fact you can catch the bus there for Nuevo Vallerta. Expect Golf, Tennis, Pool, Free bus service to and from the beach. For more -e-mail me. REALTORS Bring your buyers … (2 comments)

broker: 7-Habits just grew an eighth! - 02/20/08 01:13 PM
If you are a Covey fan then you will be familiar with the "7 habits of highly effective people"-This is one of the business books that I think we should require ourselves to re-read every few years or so. As we are growing up it is fun to see how far our development has progressed since the last read.
I just found out-where have I been? that there was an 8th habit! Good news for all of us: we are already practicing it! The 8th, in case you missed out on it too, is simple+FIND YOUR VOICE! and then help others find … (2 comments)

broker: IRS Scam from State attorney of Texas - 02/18/08 12:01 PM
The IRS knows our social security numbers don't give them out over the phone even if someone calls talking about the Bush refunds! and the IRS.This is identity theft that can be easily avoided. It seems the bad guys are trying to divert money from people who are deserving of it.If we publish this information perhaps there will be a few unsuspecting and perhaps susceptible people who won't just blurt out their personal information.You can make a difference if you talk to your community on this topic.I will include a link to the Texas State's attorney's letter that was received by … (2 comments)

broker: RE/MAX Dallas Suburbs learns to blog today - 02/18/08 01:31 AM
I have to say thanks to the AR's. You have helped me become better at blogging! I read your blogs and they give me ideas that have helped me move my blog to number 4 in my area. Today I invited the entire office to become bloggers so you may see more of us Suburbs people talking about North Texas! The reason for the invitation was to help them in the Blogging class that I am offering this afternoon. If I can just get them here I think we can get them talking don't you?!
I am enjoying a new office-still in North … (2 comments)

broker: Real Estate Terms for 2008 from 2007. - 01/24/08 05:07 AM
Nightline suggested just last night that NOW is the time-to BUY while the rates are down and the inventory is up. Two days ago the Federal Reserve bank dropped the rates by 3/4 of a percent: the largest single drop in 20 years. This opens the door to a very unique opportunity. This opportunity is called Buy Time. The time to buy.Why buy? Let me show you why: interst rates are down and dropping, check the chart for items that may be important to your lifestyle and how they fit into each type of property use.
One more good link-Let's look at this … (0 comments)

broker: What does the top ten rental cities have to do with the state of buying a home? - 01/13/08 07:08 AM
If you look at the top ten most expensive places for a renter to live in this country, you will notice that North Texas is not on that list. Why do rental rates go up? It's called scarcity. When the number of rental units drop, the cost of renting a home goes up! Simple supply and demand. So, if the cost of renting an apartment is still low (on the average) as it is in North Texas, then there is a good reason for that-we still have an abundance of places to rent. See this link for the Top Ten Most Expensive places … (0 comments)

broker: The Time in between times-a better time to buy. - 01/02/08 12:51 AM
Why buy a home in North TEXAS in January 2008?
There are a few good reasons to think about a purchase at this time of year:
1. The rates are the lowest we have seen in years and while they will probably      stay this low or even drop a tiny bit before the next election in November       they may begin to climb again after that time.2.  Historically before a National Election interest rates will go down and       after one they begin to rise. Just a point of interest.3.  The main reason people buy a home is to be able to take … (0 comments)

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