estate: Are you looking for a White Lie REALTOR? - 01/24/14 05:34 AM
Yes in over 20 years I have met many folks who really wanted me to tell them "white lies" about real estate. I have learned that telling you the truth, while that may be uncomfortable for a minute, is the best way to decide if we should work together or not. Those folks who insist on hearing what they think they want to hear instead of what they need to hear will not be happy in the long run. So I simply tell you up front, "You may not want to hear this...but, it is important for us to be able … (1 comments)

estate: A new job description for REALTORS - 01/23/14 01:12 PM
When you see statistics about Real Estate it may be a national compilation or speak specifically about a particular state. A new Job Description for REALTORS Rarely does it drill to the level where a buyer or seller could rely on the numbers. Click the above link to see NAR statistics for 2013 about the rise in Sales prices!
It is true you can only believe what you read online if you have a filter to interpret what it ALL means! Hence the reason I suggest that REALTORS have a new job. They are still relevant but, in extraordinary new ways. … (1 comments)

estate: North Texas Real Estate Calendar 2014 - 01/13/14 04:19 AM
This schedule applies to the North Texas Metroplex only where our high season is summertime.
January and February are popular relocation months as the new corporate budgets go into effect even though most families would prefer a move in May or June. March is when we see an increase in Listings and it runs through May. While Sales of Properties are hottest from May until The last week in August. September is quiet. Kids are back in school and families settle into that routine not being interested in moving unless it is a procrastination on someones part kind of move. October-December … (0 comments)

estate: Selling your home during the Holidays in North Texas - 12/09/13 04:06 AM
If you are thinking about making a move now and have to sell your house:
Please read the following thoughts now.
You won't have to struggle to make a decision with this information.
Yes now can be a great time to sell your home and you could be moved by the first of the year or early January 2014. It is also a time of year right after the first of the year that many companies will be adding to their workforces when the new budgets drop. The money frees up and they start to hire the new folks. If … (0 comments)

estate: I love the Real Estate business-but..... - 06/28/12 03:10 AM
Reasons that I love the Real Estate business: 
We moved 21 times before I turned 18! Mom loved taking us to "get decorating ideas" at the new home developments-4 wild and crazy little kids-sorry guys-I'm paying that one back now! My Grandmother insisted that my Grandfather build her a house before she would agree to marry him. That house has a history of stories and I got to live in it and hear those stories as a small child too. I was 8 before we stayed in one place long enough for me to make friends outside of my immediate siblings! … (0 comments)

estate: Keeping my facebook time to just 15 minutes of "effective time". - 01/19/11 09:05 AM
Did you spend some time in December or January: Business planning to find out how much your time HAS to be worth to earn your goal this year? If I spend 15 minutes it gets expensive so I better know how to SPEND it well!
15 minutes spent per day on Facebook Goals:  
5 minutes: to make 10 comments on "Friends" activities.  (Goal-Stay involved/connected.) 2 minutes to post one link with "valuable information"  (Goal-become a resource) 5 minutes to send 1 Personal e-mail  (Goal-be responsive.) 3 minutes to find 1 person outside of your immediate network to "friend". (Goal-Add to the … (3 comments)

estate: GO Vote! Make your choice and make a good example to the folks in your life. - 11/02/10 04:48 AM
I need to start at the beginning. We usually vote 2-1/2 blocks from home-not today(budget cutbacks?) We still went to the old place a school and found a map with print so tiny I had to dig out the handy (for maps) magnifying glass and an extra flashlight to see the new polling places. Identified we took off across town to find a place with hopefully few in line (7am) 5 miles later, there was a line, the printer stopped working. For heavens sake they are slowed down due to a printer printing labels? 4 people helping all of us with … (0 comments)

estate: Sept numbers say Buyers Market is still here. - 10/19/10 08:31 AM
 Check Facebook for September Housing market numbers- Looking like it's still a good strong Buyer market.

estate: Bi-Annual Garage Sale: Hunters Glen, Plano,TX 75023 - 10/06/10 05:16 AM
It's that time of year: Hunters Glen in Plano, Tx is having their
Bi-annual Fall Garage sale this Saturday from 8-2 pm. 10/09/2010
Hope to see you there. See map below.
SEast Corner of Independence and Legacy  Shopping starts at 8am-2pm
Pickup maps at Schilmelfenig Middle school (Timothy and Maumelle)
Doris Barnett  972-907-0000  or cell 214-236-2908 REALTOR
RE/MAX Abrams
1221 Abrams
Richardson, Tx 75081

estate: 4/3.5 2Car Gar w/Workshop. See Video Open House - Check this one out! - 09/07/10 06:16 AM
13 hits just this morning after loading this video to We appreciate your comments!
Video Open house  Call me to walk the property  972-907-0000 x 212  or e-mail for more information 
5707 Abingdon in Richardson, Tx 75082 is located 8 houses off of Murphy Road and just south of Renner. It is a 4 bedroom 3.5 bath 2 car garage with Workshop Centex built home.  The property is listed at $279,000. and features 2 Master bedrooms 1 up and 1 down, an open floorplan and game room. All bedrooms are oversized for today's needs and all have walkin closets. Even the kitchen features a … (1 comments)

estate: Are you using Magic to build a business? - 08/28/10 12:24 AM
Are you over-relying on magical (no need for action) thinking? Systems solve and can stand-in for Magical thinking. I read an ad on "magical (no need for action)" and it got me to thinking about how we might be running our businesses today. This speaks to a written action plan and systems that support the plan. Why do I keep speaking about those systems? They make life so much easier and frankly free up time to be able to actually play or if you are consumed by the need make more money! Systems to me are like learning to ride a … (2 comments)

estate: Do you, personally answer your phone? - 08/27/10 06:53 AM
Why not? Listen to this video and you might change how you are doing business. It was amazing and I think I will be doing business a bit differently.  Check it out: they test drove the REALTORS in one city! This is an important point How many do you think answered their phone immediately?
Listen in! 

estate: Have you learned to speak in 140 characters? - 08/26/10 02:03 PM
I have learned to edit down to 140 characters unless my brain takes over my hands then I blog and send the Tweet readers and Facebook friends here to get the whole story! It has really helped to edit my advertising too. Now I can write really effective real estate ads in almost no words or less! Since it is hard to stay in the 140 character mode I have started a system of creating up to 10 posts at a time. Today's was going to be simple Give to get. Sounds a lot like the golden rule.  I give you … (3 comments)

estate: Why buy now? Affordable homes, Bonds, Grants, VA programs - 08/18/10 09:32 AM
I took an affordable housing class in Dallas this morning towards the designation and "Holy cow" my head is overloaded with all of the ways to do this. There are  so many ways out there that we could be helping folks buy a home! Need to get the word to the masses. Bond programs, Grants, low low interest loans. There will never, not in my lifetime, anyway be a better time to buy a home.
If you are a Veteran do you know that there are programs for you not only at a Federal level but at a State of Texas and sometimes … (2 comments)

estate: In the same breath: "Help me sell - the rug is blue!" - 08/09/10 12:27 AM
I love referrals as much as the next REALTOR. An old (as in long time friend) friend of the family called to say his sister needed some help. We met at the friend's house and had some B-B-Q (a Texas thing-you know!) and talked about her home. Minutes into what seemed like a great idea came the news-wallpaper and blue carpet-"you get to like it". I am sure that is true or it wouldn't be there.
Then the weekend came that my newest IKEA magazine showed up-silly me-There is the blue! The newest hottest color of the season in furniture and … (3 comments)

estate: Moving made easier - 07/29/10 07:24 AM
I understand the sense of community that you feel from where you live and perhaps the advice that I gave my daughter when she made a bigger move will help your move too. When you choose to make a move out of your comfort area(neighborhood) it is helpful to find the similar resources in your new area. For her that meant finding a church that she loves and getting involved with the young mother's groups. Getting her kids to the library for reading times to meet other young families in the area.
You might feel more comfortable if you simply scout … (0 comments)

estate: There is too much space when there's a door that always stays closed. - 07/28/10 06:25 AM
I recently moved to a new office and realized that I needed to bring my supplies in. I have a closet with all of the paper goods and supplies that one could find at Office Max or Office Depot collected over the years-so I went shopping in the closet. Had to climb over the accumulated "stuff" in that room to get to the closet to fill up the Christmas bag with all of my organizational goodies. Pretty hanging folders and such. As I sifted through shelves of supplies I had systems scanning/rolling through my head-15 Blue folders for new Listings 10 red … (0 comments)

estate: Confessions - 05/11/10 01:23 AM
We all have been though this one-I expect-but today there was a question on Trulia that motivated me to open up on this issue. An agent asked how do you-Breakup-with a buyer?
I had to take a deep breath on this one-It is something of a failure to discuss this but, in the interests of helping those who might be in the middle of a real estate relationship-I confess-In my earlier days in this business-I have worked with a buyer for way too long. Even though they made offers they always found a way to break the contract before it closed. … (7 comments)

estate: Plano Green Expo - 04/17/10 02:13 AM
Please come say hi if you see me there! I should be there by 10 today.

estate: Help R Home-Simple answers to complex troubles - 04/16/10 01:59 PM
HelpRHome   Simple answers for complex troubles. Website is simple too.

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