find: Are you looking for a White Lie REALTOR? - 01/24/14 05:34 AM
Yes in over 20 years I have met many folks who really wanted me to tell them "white lies" about real estate. I have learned that telling you the truth, while that may be uncomfortable for a minute, is the best way to decide if we should work together or not. Those folks who insist on hearing what they think they want to hear instead of what they need to hear will not be happy in the long run. So I simply tell you up front, "You may not want to hear this...but, it is important for us to be able … (1 comments)

find: A new job description for REALTORS - 01/23/14 01:12 PM
When you see statistics about Real Estate it may be a national compilation or speak specifically about a particular state. A new Job Description for REALTORS Rarely does it drill to the level where a buyer or seller could rely on the numbers. Click the above link to see NAR statistics for 2013 about the rise in Sales prices!
It is true you can only believe what you read online if you have a filter to interpret what it ALL means! Hence the reason I suggest that REALTORS have a new job. They are still relevant but, in extraordinary new ways. … (1 comments)

find: North Texas Real Estate Calendar 2014 - 01/13/14 04:19 AM
This schedule applies to the North Texas Metroplex only where our high season is summertime.
January and February are popular relocation months as the new corporate budgets go into effect even though most families would prefer a move in May or June. March is when we see an increase in Listings and it runs through May. While Sales of Properties are hottest from May until The last week in August. September is quiet. Kids are back in school and families settle into that routine not being interested in moving unless it is a procrastination on someones part kind of move. October-December … (0 comments)

find: When all else fails-Trade it! - 11/29/07 03:21 AM
1031 when all else fails! Trade it!
As some of you know I am licensed in two states: Texas and Florida which works for us because we enjoy the Sunshine state and we have children and grands who live there. Which brings me to the point. My oldest daughter and mother to two of our grandchildren has had her home on the market for over a year in south FLorida. She is Mrs Clean (You can eat at my house but, probably not off the floor!) Her house-no problem! At any rate while they have had some traffic no, successful offers.  I'll … (1 comments)

find: Leads, Leads, Leads - 11/11/07 06:41 AM
I know as I write this post that more people, well REALTOR people, will look here than at most of the other posts that I have written even though other posts may be better written, (this one is completely personal)this topic is what got you here! So let's get some meat and potatos on the screen.
I took my daughter to the "special park" yesterday and found a new Seller. I am practicing Belly to bellycommunication. Now what really happened was this: We went to the park early about 9am on Saturday.This is my daughter's favorite park, it is across from a library, … (4 comments)

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