home: Are you looking for a White Lie REALTOR? - 01/24/14 05:34 AM
Yes in over 20 years I have met many folks who really wanted me to tell them "white lies" about real estate. I have learned that telling you the truth, while that may be uncomfortable for a minute, is the best way to decide if we should work together or not. Those folks who insist on hearing what they think they want to hear instead of what they need to hear will not be happy in the long run. So I simply tell you up front, "You may not want to hear this...but, it is important for us to be able … (1 comments)

home: North Texas Real Estate Calendar 2014 - 01/13/14 04:19 AM
This schedule applies to the North Texas Metroplex only where our high season is summertime.
January and February are popular relocation months as the new corporate budgets go into effect even though most families would prefer a move in May or June. March is when we see an increase in Listings and it runs through May. While Sales of Properties are hottest from May until The last week in August. September is quiet. Kids are back in school and families settle into that routine not being interested in moving unless it is a procrastination on someones part kind of move. October-December … (0 comments)

home: Best X-mas ever? - 12/16/10 08:50 AM
Just got the results back on the Hubby's cancer fight-He's winning! Numbers are undetectible and if you have had or ever known anyone in that fight you know there is no better gift. So this year at least my Christmas is perfect! It doesn't matter what else happens or doesn't happen-I'm good!- been Blessed.
The headline came from our youngest now eleven-Mommy, What was your best Xmas ever? I have 2-The year Daddy brought me home to Texas and this year due to the above facts.  What was your's about? Doesn't have to be health related it could be best gift … (0 comments)

home: Do you know the Group? Home from Space is still Home-just from a different angle! - 11/29/10 08:59 PM
Rambles this morning-
Love the concept: The Group from Colorado They started Ninjas-I found them years ago and loved the CRS class on Ninja Selling-Now I am liking the blog posts! Like everyone else I too come from someplace- This same topic came up yesterday when talking with one of our agents- I am blessed and cursed to be in real estate. My mothers fault-She took her 4 kids to new home builders for years for decorating ideas for our personal home. We ended up moving 21 times before I was 18 (Not all military-some was Motorola too) and had many … (0 comments)

home: Are you using Magic to build a business? - 08/28/10 12:24 AM
Are you over-relying on magical (no need for action) thinking? Systems solve and can stand-in for Magical thinking. I read an ad on "magical (no need for action)" and it got me to thinking about how we might be running our businesses today. This speaks to a written action plan and systems that support the plan. Why do I keep speaking about those systems? They make life so much easier and frankly free up time to be able to actually play or if you are consumed by the need make more money! Systems to me are like learning to ride a … (2 comments)

home: Have you learned to speak in 140 characters? - 08/26/10 02:03 PM
I have learned to edit down to 140 characters unless my brain takes over my hands then I blog and send the Tweet readers and Facebook friends here to get the whole story! It has really helped to edit my advertising too. Now I can write really effective real estate ads in almost no words or less! Since it is hard to stay in the 140 character mode I have started a system of creating up to 10 posts at a time. Today's was going to be simple Give to get. Sounds a lot like the golden rule.  I give you … (3 comments)

home: What creates a credit score? - 08/26/10 04:14 AM
Credit scores are important to folks considering buying almost anything today. They also impact your employment-more and more Employers are checking your credit to see if you are $ savvy prior to a hiring decision. Fixing errors can make a difference. Check out the "how to" video and find the forms you need right here.
Credit scores can range from 350-850 and are composed of:
35% is your payment history 30% is based upon how much debt you have 15% is based upon the length of your credit history 10% is the type of debt (revolving, installment, mortgage) 10% is based … (3 comments)

home: Summer days and nights. - 07/29/10 04:16 AM
Did you know that July was National Ice Cream Month? Only 2 days to make up for that or you could take the link to homemade ice cream and use the recipes on August 15th-Which is National Relaxation Day. Imagine Lounger breezes heat and a bowl of homemade (by the kids even better) Ice Cream. Check out that Link and plan a peaceful Sunday afternoon.
Payback could be a trip for the family to the Dallas Arboretum in the Month of August for only $1.00 you can take the whole family and maybe a few extras. Check out the late summer blooms … (2 comments)

home: Plano Green Expo - 04/17/10 02:13 AM
Please come say hi if you see me there! I should be there by 10 today.

home: Help R Home-Simple answers to complex troubles - 04/16/10 01:59 PM
HelpRHome   Simple answers for complex troubles. Website is simple too.

home: HomeBuyer Seminar in Plano-Frisco, TX - 05/31/08 10:32 AM
Please join us either June 4th or 11th Call for reservations 6:30pm to 8:30pm 469-429-0160 Leave name, number and DATE! Refreshments will be served. Click here to check outThe Frisco Real Estate Buying! See you there! … (1 comments)

home: Shaddock Creek estates is just reduced! - 01/24/08 05:40 AM
UPDATE***UPDATE***UPDATE***UPDATE***UPDATE on 10906030   Now $50K under new builds in the area!
We are looking for highest and best offers on this property. I will be happy to get you in just give me a call or check in with CSS if you are a professional. This home is great for people who need an extra downstairs bedroom for their comfort. There are 3 upstairs.

home: Real Estate Terms for 2008 from 2007. - 01/24/08 05:07 AM
Nightline suggested just last night that NOW is the time-to BUY while the rates are down and the inventory is up. Two days ago the Federal Reserve bank dropped the rates by 3/4 of a percent: the largest single drop in 20 years. This opens the door to a very unique opportunity. This opportunity is called Buy Time. The time to buy.Why buy? Let me show you why: interst rates are down and dropping, check the chart for items that may be important to your lifestyle and how they fit into each type of property use.
One more good link-Let's look at this … (0 comments)

home: When all else fails-Trade it! - 11/29/07 03:21 AM
1031 when all else fails! Trade it!
As some of you know I am licensed in two states: Texas and Florida which works for us because we enjoy the Sunshine state and we have children and grands who live there. Which brings me to the point. My oldest daughter and mother to two of our grandchildren has had her home on the market for over a year in south FLorida. She is Mrs Clean (You can eat at my house but, probably not off the floor!) Her house-no problem! At any rate while they have had some traffic no, successful offers.  I'll … (1 comments)

home: May your biggest resolution for 2008 come true! Are you GREEN? - 11/15/07 02:01 AM
What might that be?                                                                                               Contact me
Well if you are anything like me the thought of losing a couple... a few... ok 20 pounds may cross your mind-right after all of the good holiday foods. I'm trying to remember when I used to actually leave something on the plate for "later".
Spending a bit more time with the family, including those further away. As parents age, we think about this a bit more, I think.
Controlling my impluses so that my time is better spent? (Seriously there are people who believe that I'm really good at this-then there's my husband who thinks I'm always … (2 comments)

home: Leads, Leads, Leads - 11/11/07 06:41 AM
I know as I write this post that more people, well REALTOR people, will look here than at most of the other posts that I have written even though other posts may be better written, (this one is completely personal)this topic is what got you here! So let's get some meat and potatos on the screen.
I took my daughter to the "special park" yesterday and found a new Seller. I am practicing Belly to bellycommunication. Now what really happened was this: We went to the park early about 9am on Saturday.This is my daughter's favorite park, it is across from a library, … (4 comments)

home: Golden Inspection advice. - 10/25/07 04:40 AM
As a new agent many years ago, I had a situation like many of you may have had. A buyer got their inspection report and expected that everything on the list would be repaired. EVERYTHING! Holes in the screen, lint in the dryer?! What do you do when that happens? Here's what my friend advised me and I think it is still good anywhere today so since I still see the question appear I'll take a minute and teach you what she taught me:
I had someone give me truly GOLDEN Advice on this one years ago so I … (3 comments)

home: Why do you blog? Share back! - 10/24/07 03:39 PM
Why do you blog?
I have to say when I started this I did it because "everyone" said it was a good idea. I tried and then got distracted (sound familiar?) Then my older, younger sister (I have two who are younger you see?) who is also "in" real estate (but in Colorado) asked me if I was on Active rain so that did it, I had to come see for myself. Then I looked at her profile and while she sent me here, she hadn't started to write yet. So we are perhaps going to push each other a bit to be better … (4 comments)

home: What is your rent really costing? - 10/19/07 07:04 AM
I have a wonderful friend who is now looking for a job in Title work, she is a closer, if you know of anyone who is hiring I'd like to give them her information. She is the one who shared the idea for this chart with me and I love to use it with tenants who are still confused about their choices. Does it help you?
Collin County Texas tenants should be considering homeownership while the housing prices are low and the interest rates are still good. … (0 comments)

home: Your Sexy House? - 10/19/07 06:39 AM
I just clicked on the number of people online a moment ago and found this unusual post about Sex and real estate and there is actually a book about it. As I considered the post it hit me I have a couple of stories that might have been considered for that book if only the author had known. The book isn't eally about SEX so much as it is about the feelings that sex raises in most of us-excitement, affection, passion, maybe even eventual disappointment?
So in the interest of sharing perhaps I'll tell them here? First one: I have often joked that … (0 comments)

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