homes: Selling your home during the Holidays in North Texas - 12/09/13 04:06 AM
If you are thinking about making a move now and have to sell your house:
Please read the following thoughts now.
You won't have to struggle to make a decision with this information.
Yes now can be a great time to sell your home and you could be moved by the first of the year or early January 2014. It is also a time of year right after the first of the year that many companies will be adding to their workforces when the new budgets drop. The money frees up and they start to hire the new folks. If … (0 comments)

homes: In the same breath: "Help me sell - the rug is blue!" - 08/09/10 12:27 AM
I love referrals as much as the next REALTOR. An old (as in long time friend) friend of the family called to say his sister needed some help. We met at the friend's house and had some B-B-Q (a Texas thing-you know!) and talked about her home. Minutes into what seemed like a great idea came the news-wallpaper and blue carpet-"you get to like it". I am sure that is true or it wouldn't be there.
Then the weekend came that my newest IKEA magazine showed up-silly me-There is the blue! The newest hottest color of the season in furniture and … (3 comments)

homes: What's going on this week at the Office? - 04/05/08 07:39 AM

Easy floor plan and Easy to show.  It's had it's face washed this weekend so if you have or are the gardener who wants to live in Frisco, just north of Main street, Don't let the roadwork stop you from seeing this one. GREAT yard. House is nice too! Camfield Frisco, TX 75034

homes: Jeff Crilley came to visit - 04/05/08 07:31 AM
When one of the TV guys shows up for an office meeting the agents come out in droves! Even top producing agents who may stop by for a bit of lunch while usually on the run to important appointments-sat down to listen to Jeff's comments and join in the giggles.
We had the pleasure of a visit from MR. Jeff Crilley of Channel 4 here in Dallas. He spoke to our office about "How to market using little to no money, on building a recognizable brand and getting attention from the press." That wasn't the real topic but it covers what we learned … (0 comments)

homes: Just look at these numbers for Texas! - 01/24/08 06:22 AM
Of the top ten cities in the U.S two of the top ten are in Texas and both are seeing an INCREASE in home values! What are you saying when someone asks how is the market? I saw an articule yesterday where a long time broker in another southern state was crying the blues over the state of the state in his state. I hope that you are celebrating the state of our state for your customers so that they can take advantage of this incrediblly rare opportunity to grab a slice of the american pie dream of home ownership.  By the … (1 comments)

homes: Shaddock Creek estates is just reduced! - 01/24/08 05:40 AM
UPDATE***UPDATE***UPDATE***UPDATE***UPDATE on 10906030   Now $50K under new builds in the area!
We are looking for highest and best offers on this property. I will be happy to get you in just give me a call or check in with CSS if you are a professional. This home is great for people who need an extra downstairs bedroom for their comfort. There are 3 upstairs.

homes: It's not just the coyote moon! Notes from TEXAS - 01/15/08 09:33 AM
You know sometimes I end up speaking to people in other countries during my workdays. Today I had called India for help on their 800 number 5 times and I was more than a little bit peeved when they continued to cut me off and disconnect every time they put me on hold. I didn't know at the start that I was headed to a long, long distance visit around the world. In fact I thought I would be talking to a bank somewhere in the US. It was not meant to be. The last call turned out to be even stranger-as … (0 comments)

homes: 12 Reasons to by your first home during the holidays - 12/16/07 07:59 AM
1. There have never been more homes to choose from. The selection is fantastic. 2. Interest rates are at historic lows and are still coming down. 3. Lots of homes that you can buy, even for under $150,000 right now! 4. FHA Financing is better this year than next if your credit is a bit colorful.5. Lenders aren't as busy and can process loans faster. 6. Purchasing a home is the best long term investment most families ever make. 7. During the holidays there is less competition from other buyers. 8. Home ownership has tax advantages over renting, and those advantages … (0 comments)

homes: Open Houses to do or not to do? - 10/19/07 09:40 AM
I spoke about this earlier today and as I was on my realtown blogs I saw a note from a Gentleman in Michigan who suggest 15 minute open houses and I kind of like that idea. From what I can tell they gather the buyers at one starting point and give them flags to identify that they are a part of the ones touring that day. The sellers do offer food or snacks 50% do he said and the they tour like the REALTORS do. In and out in less than 15 minutes. The agents don't leave that quickly because the … (3 comments)

homes: Open houses-are you visiting them? or holding them? - 10/19/07 06:00 AM
This link suggests that the answer to the question is not so much!
For those Sellers who are wanting their REALTOR to hold an open house think about these real statistics:
But, wait just a minute: In the past two months I personally have held open houses in two different areas of the Metroplex, Coppell and Frisco/Little Elm, my intent being to meet prospective buyers. (I have been almost religious about this every Sunday except two I have been "sitting") The results could not have been more different! When doing the Open houses in Coppell there are always 4-6 couples or families that come … (2 comments)

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