richardson: Best X-mas ever? - 12/16/10 08:50 AM
Just got the results back on the Hubby's cancer fight-He's winning! Numbers are undetectible and if you have had or ever known anyone in that fight you know there is no better gift. So this year at least my Christmas is perfect! It doesn't matter what else happens or doesn't happen-I'm good!- been Blessed.
The headline came from our youngest now eleven-Mommy, What was your best Xmas ever? I have 2-The year Daddy brought me home to Texas and this year due to the above facts.  What was your's about? Doesn't have to be health related it could be best gift … (0 comments)

richardson: Do you know the Group? Home from Space is still Home-just from a different angle! - 11/29/10 08:59 PM
Rambles this morning-
Love the concept: The Group from Colorado They started Ninjas-I found them years ago and loved the CRS class on Ninja Selling-Now I am liking the blog posts! Like everyone else I too come from someplace- This same topic came up yesterday when talking with one of our agents- I am blessed and cursed to be in real estate. My mothers fault-She took her 4 kids to new home builders for years for decorating ideas for our personal home. We ended up moving 21 times before I was 18 (Not all military-some was Motorola too) and had many … (0 comments)

richardson: 4/3.5 2Car Gar w/Workshop. See Video Open House - Check this one out! - 09/07/10 06:16 AM
13 hits just this morning after loading this video to We appreciate your comments!
Video Open house  Call me to walk the property  972-907-0000 x 212  or e-mail for more information 
5707 Abingdon in Richardson, Tx 75082 is located 8 houses off of Murphy Road and just south of Renner. It is a 4 bedroom 3.5 bath 2 car garage with Workshop Centex built home.  The property is listed at $279,000. and features 2 Master bedrooms 1 up and 1 down, an open floorplan and game room. All bedrooms are oversized for today's needs and all have walkin closets. Even the kitchen features a … (1 comments)

richardson: $$$ - 08/18/10 09:21 AM
I took an affordable housing class in Dallas this morning towards the designation and "Holy cow" my head is overloaded with all of the ways to do this. There are  so many ways out there that we could be helping folks buy a home! Need to get the word to the masses. Bond programs, Grants, low low interest loans. There will never, not in my lifetime, anyway be a better time to buy a home.
If you are a Veteran do you know that there are programs for you not only at a Federal level but at a State of Texas and sometimes … (1 comments)

richardson: Summer days and nights. - 07/29/10 04:16 AM
Did you know that July was National Ice Cream Month? Only 2 days to make up for that or you could take the link to homemade ice cream and use the recipes on August 15th-Which is National Relaxation Day. Imagine Lounger breezes heat and a bowl of homemade (by the kids even better) Ice Cream. Check out that Link and plan a peaceful Sunday afternoon.
Payback could be a trip for the family to the Dallas Arboretum in the Month of August for only $1.00 you can take the whole family and maybe a few extras. Check out the late summer blooms … (2 comments)

richardson: New Office-Long day-Renewed me! - 07/12/10 08:30 PM
The hardest part of making a move to a new office is the physical move sometimes but, it is also a mental move. I am wondering if the same thing happens to buyers when they seek a new home. I found myself trying to rearrange my desk to the "most productive" direction. Maybe there is something to this afterall.  I wonder what direction my first formal desk faced? Come to think of it way back then it was East! that is the direction I am facing now. We will see in the next few weeks if it really makes a difference. … (1 comments)

richardson: Richardson, TX - 07/10/10 10:56 AM
Notice this pretty house? We could get it  for you soon if you like it. To see it call me 972-907-0000 x 212 or call CSS if you already have a REALTOR and are under a Buyer Rep agreement. Seller will consider owner financing. ML#11413255

richardson: Local USA, Tommorrow the Entire Country is Local - 07/02/10 10:30 PM
Fourth of July Events Can Change Your Life
If you are shopping for a home in Richardson, Plano or any other city. Now might be a good time to come and meet some neighbors. As REALTORS we are often asked "what about the neighborhood." This is a rare opportunity to just go see for yourself. Go to the 4th of July celebration in the new town of your choice and reach out, smile, comment on the display, the weather, the kids-break some ice and share something of yourself and others will do the same. a wistful comment about-"Oh those are my favorite!" might … (2 comments)

richardson: 55 Days and Counting for $8K First Time Homebuyer - 03/06/10 08:03 PM
One of the agents in our office is also a Mortgage Broker in fact many of them are. Kishore keeps me entertained with updates on things like this. He is a resource for many things and we enjoy him most when he is the "good news motivator" His upbeat attitude cheers all of us. His email yesterday said 56 days. So today is Sunday and that means we are now at 55 days. He believes that it will not be extended again and thinks that the government is now focused on Health Care so there won't be much attention placed in … (1 comments)

richardson: Change can be really good for you! - 02/24/10 03:48 PM
I was considering a move-across country. I had a snow day with my daughter and a long talk with my husband-then I got an offer at home (here in Texas) actually got 2 of them but, one wasn't real (couldn't be trusted). We decided to take the real one and now I am blown away each day by the amazing opportunity.  I am blessed to be in the middle of a group of producing, creative, fun agents. They aren't in the office very often they seem to drop in and drop off contracts and then head out again to gather a couple … (6 comments)

richardson: What's going on this week at the Office? - 04/05/08 07:39 AM

Easy floor plan and Easy to show.  It's had it's face washed this weekend so if you have or are the gardener who wants to live in Frisco, just north of Main street, Don't let the roadwork stop you from seeing this one. GREAT yard. House is nice too! Camfield Frisco, TX 75034

richardson: Jeff Crilley came to visit - 04/05/08 07:31 AM
When one of the TV guys shows up for an office meeting the agents come out in droves! Even top producing agents who may stop by for a bit of lunch while usually on the run to important appointments-sat down to listen to Jeff's comments and join in the giggles.
We had the pleasure of a visit from MR. Jeff Crilley of Channel 4 here in Dallas. He spoke to our office about "How to market using little to no money, on building a recognizable brand and getting attention from the press." That wasn't the real topic but it covers what we learned … (0 comments)

richardson: Just look at these numbers for Texas! - 01/24/08 06:22 AM
Of the top ten cities in the U.S two of the top ten are in Texas and both are seeing an INCREASE in home values! What are you saying when someone asks how is the market? I saw an articule yesterday where a long time broker in another southern state was crying the blues over the state of the state in his state. I hope that you are celebrating the state of our state for your customers so that they can take advantage of this incrediblly rare opportunity to grab a slice of the american pie dream of home ownership.  By the … (1 comments)

richardson: I just heard... - 01/13/08 11:53 AM
March 15, 2008 the downpayment assistance programs are going to end. So IF you are thinking about buying a home and think that you might have wanted to take advantage of this program, NOW is the time to be calling. Right now. It can take up to 30 days to close from contract to closing. I do know people...BUT,
The point is if you are in the market for a home this year and need down-payment assistance-let's talk now.

richardson: The Time in between times-a better time to buy. - 01/02/08 12:51 AM
Why buy a home in North TEXAS in January 2008?
There are a few good reasons to think about a purchase at this time of year:
1. The rates are the lowest we have seen in years and while they will probably      stay this low or even drop a tiny bit before the next election in November       they may begin to climb again after that time.2.  Historically before a National Election interest rates will go down and       after one they begin to rise. Just a point of interest.3.  The main reason people buy a home is to be able to take … (0 comments)

richardson: Short Sale Seller to Do list - 10/09/07 07:07 AM
HelpRHome:  If you have discussed the four best choices with the lender or had a friend do it and they have agreed to let you take steps to avoid Foreclosure; it is time to take some serious steps to achieve the sale. Remember to call your tax advisor and ask them at least two questions: What impact do I have if I sell the property for less than my mortgage? and what impact do I have if I sell the property for more than my mortgage? What do you advise me to do about it?
This is plain old real estate advice … (1 comments)

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