texas: Selling your home during the Holidays in North Texas - 12/09/13 04:06 AM
If you are thinking about making a move now and have to sell your house:
Please read the following thoughts now.
You won't have to struggle to make a decision with this information.
Yes now can be a great time to sell your home and you could be moved by the first of the year or early January 2014. It is also a time of year right after the first of the year that many companies will be adding to their workforces when the new budgets drop. The money frees up and they start to hire the new folks. If … (0 comments)

texas: Best Friend's Week-ending SuperBowl Week beginning - 01/21/11 06:14 AM
While I would love to share a cool story that a good friend of mine shared with me we can't do that here for fear of copy right issues so for my friends who might want a copy or those who might want to be a friend, you can get a copy as well.
If you are not a REALTOR just e-mail me at  HelpRhome@yahoo.com Subject: Best Friend's Week
IF you are a REALTOR leave me a comment here with your e-mail and get the story of How one CEO chose his replacement. You might guess what happens but, it is still a good read about … (0 comments)

texas: Do you know the Group? Home from Space is still Home-just from a different angle! - 11/29/10 08:59 PM
Rambles this morning-
Love the concept: The Group from Colorado They started Ninjas-I found them years ago and loved the CRS class on Ninja Selling-Now I am liking the blog posts! Like everyone else I too come from someplace- This same topic came up yesterday when talking with one of our agents- I am blessed and cursed to be in real estate. My mothers fault-She took her 4 kids to new home builders for years for decorating ideas for our personal home. We ended up moving 21 times before I was 18 (Not all military-some was Motorola too) and had many … (0 comments)

texas: GO Vote! Make your choice and make a good example to the folks in your life. - 11/02/10 04:48 AM
I need to start at the beginning. We usually vote 2-1/2 blocks from home-not today(budget cutbacks?) We still went to the old place a school and found a map with print so tiny I had to dig out the handy (for maps) magnifying glass and an extra flashlight to see the new polling places. Identified we took off across town to find a place with hopefully few in line (7am) 5 miles later, there was a line, the printer stopped working. For heavens sake they are slowed down due to a printer printing labels? 4 people helping all of us with … (0 comments)

texas: Have you learned to speak in 140 characters? - 08/26/10 02:03 PM
I have learned to edit down to 140 characters unless my brain takes over my hands then I blog and send the Tweet readers and Facebook friends here to get the whole story! It has really helped to edit my advertising too. Now I can write really effective real estate ads in almost no words or less! Since it is hard to stay in the 140 character mode I have started a system of creating up to 10 posts at a time. Today's was going to be simple Give to get. Sounds a lot like the golden rule.  I give you … (3 comments)

texas: There is too much space when there's a door that always stays closed. - 07/28/10 06:25 AM
I recently moved to a new office and realized that I needed to bring my supplies in. I have a closet with all of the paper goods and supplies that one could find at Office Max or Office Depot collected over the years-so I went shopping in the closet. Had to climb over the accumulated "stuff" in that room to get to the closet to fill up the Christmas bag with all of my organizational goodies. Pretty hanging folders and such. As I sifted through shelves of supplies I had systems scanning/rolling through my head-15 Blue folders for new Listings 10 red … (0 comments)

texas: New Office-Long day-Renewed me! - 07/12/10 08:30 PM
The hardest part of making a move to a new office is the physical move sometimes but, it is also a mental move. I am wondering if the same thing happens to buyers when they seek a new home. I found myself trying to rearrange my desk to the "most productive" direction. Maybe there is something to this afterall.  I wonder what direction my first formal desk faced? Come to think of it way back then it was East! that is the direction I am facing now. We will see in the next few weeks if it really makes a difference. … (1 comments)

texas: Local USA, Tommorrow the Entire Country is Local - 07/02/10 10:30 PM
Fourth of July Events Can Change Your Life
If you are shopping for a home in Richardson, Plano or any other city. Now might be a good time to come and meet some neighbors. As REALTORS we are often asked "what about the neighborhood." This is a rare opportunity to just go see for yourself. Go to the 4th of July celebration in the new town of your choice and reach out, smile, comment on the display, the weather, the kids-break some ice and share something of yourself and others will do the same. a wistful comment about-"Oh those are my favorite!" might … (2 comments)

texas: What's going on this week at the Office? - 04/05/08 07:39 AM

Easy floor plan and Easy to show.  It's had it's face washed this weekend so if you have or are the gardener who wants to live in Frisco, just north of Main street, Don't let the roadwork stop you from seeing this one. GREAT yard. House is nice too! Camfield Frisco, TX 75034

texas: Jeff Crilley came to visit - 04/05/08 07:31 AM
When one of the TV guys shows up for an office meeting the agents come out in droves! Even top producing agents who may stop by for a bit of lunch while usually on the run to important appointments-sat down to listen to Jeff's comments and join in the giggles.
We had the pleasure of a visit from MR. Jeff Crilley of Channel 4 here in Dallas. He spoke to our office about "How to market using little to no money, on building a recognizable brand and getting attention from the press." That wasn't the real topic but it covers what we learned … (0 comments)

texas: Is it time for a second home in a warmer more temperate climate? - 02/29/08 02:13 AM
***This property is in MEXICO the country, but there is no way to list it that way*** I am working with a developer who is building new Condos listed at 145,000 and may be rented for approximately $2K/month (approximately when not in use by owners) Also single family villa homes at $220,000.
This is a full service community located near Puerto Vallerta, (West side of Mexico, mainland) There is a local Wal-mart, in fact you can catch the bus there for Nuevo Vallerta. Expect Golf, Tennis, Pool, Free bus service to and from the beach. For more -e-mail me. REALTORS Bring your buyers … (2 comments)

texas: 7-Habits just grew an eighth! - 02/20/08 01:13 PM
If you are a Covey fan then you will be familiar with the "7 habits of highly effective people"-This is one of the business books that I think we should require ourselves to re-read every few years or so. As we are growing up it is fun to see how far our development has progressed since the last read.
I just found out-where have I been? that there was an 8th habit! Good news for all of us: we are already practicing it! The 8th, in case you missed out on it too, is simple+FIND YOUR VOICE! and then help others find … (2 comments)

texas: IRS Scam from State attorney of Texas - 02/18/08 12:01 PM
The IRS knows our social security numbers don't give them out over the phone even if someone calls talking about the Bush refunds! and the IRS.This is identity theft that can be easily avoided. It seems the bad guys are trying to divert money from people who are deserving of it.If we publish this information perhaps there will be a few unsuspecting and perhaps susceptible people who won't just blurt out their personal information.You can make a difference if you talk to your community on this topic.I will include a link to the Texas State's attorney's letter that was received by … (2 comments)

texas: RE/MAX Dallas Suburbs learns to blog today - 02/18/08 01:31 AM
I have to say thanks to the AR's. You have helped me become better at blogging! I read your blogs and they give me ideas that have helped me move my blog to number 4 in my area. Today I invited the entire office to become bloggers so you may see more of us Suburbs people talking about North Texas! The reason for the invitation was to help them in the Blogging class that I am offering this afternoon. If I can just get them here I think we can get them talking don't you?!
I am enjoying a new office-still in North … (2 comments)

texas: This time of year brings change - 02/12/08 01:02 AM
It's funny that this is a true statement when it comes to real estate as well. I was playing with adwords on Google and had so much fun finding out what words work at which time of the year. What a neat exercize!  So this time of year coming up-for your information, people are interested in learning more about "distressed properties", they may search for the term "HUD" homes and "Shorts" and in shortsale i suspect. Everyone is looking for a deal. Well so are we! So be wise use these words in your communications online! Let me know how it … (1 comments)

texas: Old Barns and Old REALTORS - 02/12/08 12:51 AM
What do the two have in common? Dad sent a touching e-mail this morning about old barns. It is a story about how a farmer sees his old barn and about how the townie that just moved in down the road sees that beautiful silvered wood old barn. The townie wanted to buy the barn to use as panelling for his den. Maybe as a REALTOR we see it as something that a buyer could tear down and clear away, but perhaps if we just had a bit more vision we could see it the way someone from town might. Isn't this a … (2 comments)

texas: Frisco Texas, New Build area on Sale! - 02/03/08 06:13 AM

I need a new owner. I'm only 2 years old! Make me a home again?

texas: Frisco Texas, New Build area on Sale! - 02/03/08 06:12 AM

I need a new owner. I'm only 2 years old! Make me a home again?

texas: Just look at these numbers for Texas! - 01/24/08 06:22 AM
Of the top ten cities in the U.S two of the top ten are in Texas and both are seeing an INCREASE in home values! What are you saying when someone asks how is the market? I saw an articule yesterday where a long time broker in another southern state was crying the blues over the state of the state in his state. I hope that you are celebrating the state of our state for your customers so that they can take advantage of this incrediblly rare opportunity to grab a slice of the american pie dream of home ownership.  By the … (1 comments)

texas: It's not just the coyote moon! Notes from TEXAS - 01/15/08 09:33 AM
You know sometimes I end up speaking to people in other countries during my workdays. Today I had called India for help on their 800 number 5 times and I was more than a little bit peeved when they continued to cut me off and disconnect every time they put me on hold. I didn't know at the start that I was headed to a long, long distance visit around the world. In fact I thought I would be talking to a bank somewhere in the US. It was not meant to be. The last call turned out to be even stranger-as … (0 comments)

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