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Rent vs Buy : You are building equity. A 30 year mortgage means at the end of 30 years you have paid off the loan. The house is all yours. If you had a fixed rate mortgage, then that was 30 years without a rent increase. If you were renting, then you paid off your landlords mortgage, and your re...
Conventional financial wisdom says that a large tax refund means too much money is being withheld from your paycheck. In a simple sense they are right. This is an interest free loan to the government. That refund check is paying you money that was yours all the while. So the wisdom says you shou...
This vintage wallpaper photo is provided by Anne Norman via Making your home your own includes decorating it to your taste. A fun way of expressing your artistic vision when you are not a painter, is to design what you want on a computer, and get it printed. Why print your photos at 4...
No matter how much you love your home, some homes make you go wow. This home is not for sale, but once I saw it, I had to share it. The owners must be very proud, and rightly so. I love my home, and its location in a private setting. I love the amount of space I have; inside and out. When you buy...


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