selling: Speechless Sunday: Fall Leaves - 01/04/09 02:23 PM

This my first entry into the Speechless Sunday themed blog posts. I enjoy photography and I believe it shows in my real estate listing photos. If you want to present your property for sale in the best light, then care and skill are essential. Call me to discuss what it takes to sell your home in this market.
Also see my earlier post showcasing my photos.
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selling: 6 Tips to Buying a Home at Auction - 12/31/08 11:02 AM

I was a spectator at several residential auctions this year. For one, the home was run down, but many auctions are for well maintained homes. A contractor bought this run down home, and I think he got it for a good price. He has plenty of room to do a renovation right, and then sell for a profit.
For a buyer, auctions are a good way to find deals. But you have less protections. It is not as simple as ebay. Bidding for something over $100,000 is sure to make your heart race. But bidding against a real person also … (3 comments)

selling: How Interest Rates Affect How Much House You Can Afford - 12/15/08 08:33 AM
Prices on homes can change in affordability when interest rates change. Look at this graph:

This is a graph of how much house you could have bought in any week over the past two years with the payment that would buy a $100k house at the start of the graph. Interest rates first went up, so the same payment bought less house. But current rates are down. You can buy a $107k house for the same payment. There is talk of interest rates dipping to 4.5%. If that happens, that same payment can buy over $120k value of house. All … (3 comments)

selling: Taking Photographs is Important in Real Estate Sales - 12/11/08 11:58 AM
Maryland Photography
Don't you like it when listings have many photographs? Isn't it better when the photographs look good? Taking photographs for my listings and my blog are a source of pride. Most every home for sale has been looked at by prospective buyers online before they decide to see it or not. To stand out in the current crowd of listings, make sure the photographs are done well. If you want to list your house and get it promoted well with beautiful photographs, then give us a call.  

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