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I know this should go with out saying, but after spending last weekend showing homes to two different buyers, I realize how the lack of snow removal not only creates a hazard, but it also gives a buyer a bad impression of your home. I have used the heel of by boot or even a hammer when needed to ...
Eligible homeowners selling their home and feel the value has been impacted by a BRAC/realignment or closure may be compensated for the difference between 95% of the appraised fair market value of the property prior to the announcement date, and the appraised value of the property at the time of ...
I was just reading a post where the host of an agents domain would not release her domain.  PLEASE be careful when selecting a company to host your domain!  Large real estate corporations may OR MAY NOT return your domain to you when you leave the firm.  It is always best for YOU to be responsibl...
I recently ran into an agent who had his own property on the market as a short sale.  He had another agent (also a friend) in his office list the property and made great effort to not include his name in the listing.  After I contacted him to schedule an appointment to show the home  I discovered...
Above is the QR code to one of my listings.  I have created a sticker of this code & placed it on my brochure box but I wonder how many folks will a.) know what it is and b.) know how to read it?  I have placed instructions on the box as well but still..... This is a fun experiment for now, but ...
To qualify as a first-time homebuyer in DC, a homebuyer and his/her spouse must not have owned a home in DC during the one-year period before the date of purchase. A homebuyer who owns property outside the District may still be eligible for the $5,000 tax credit, as long as they qualify as a firs...

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