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I am showing buyers around (and a lot more lately) and it seems like the amout of homes on the market is less then last year!  Buyers are surprised when they realize that when I narrow down to their towns and price range that their may be only a half dozen homes for sale in their range.  So much ...
Lets sell a house today!
I realized that I do not know the streets on Vernon, CT very well... I had a floor call yesterday to show a house in vernon so I set up the showing and appointment for me to meet the people at the house and I am waiting and waiting for them.... Turns out they were waiting for me too... Unfortunat...
In my part of Connecticut we have a weekly meeting each and every Tuesday.  The meeting concludes with all the agents from that office hoping in their cars and driving to each new listing for that week. Great way for agents to introduce property to each other.. This is great for sellers to have u...
Remember to always put customers first!  Open  houses are difficult in the sence that you never know who will walk into the house... They may or may not be able to afford the house.. They may not even be in the market.... Kinda take the idea of representaion to another level. Please be careful wh...
Awesome park with one of the best ponds in the area!  
You have to love that summer is coming!  Sunrise park in Suffield CT is one of the nicest parks in New England!   Take a look!
Connecticut is finally in a spring thing?  Tell me what you think!  As a seller are you hesitant of selling your house... Or maybe you simply are force to selling due to life changes!  Yes, I think life happens and real estate follows.... In other words, people get married, and yes most get divor...

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