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Monday’s BloomWenatchee Home InspectionsSome days we just need a little flower in our life.     “Just living is not enough... one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” Hans Christian Andersen  If you find any errors or have additional information that would expand on any code, buildi...
RESIDENTIAL HOME INSPECTIONHome Inspection Licensing CourseWenatchee Home InspectionsAs many will know I am one of the instructors at the home inspection licensing course “The Fundamentals of Home Inspection” at Bellingham Technical College (BTC). As part of that course, we take our students out ...
Extending branch circuits off of ungrounded systems, 2 wire system no equipment ground.Chelan Home Inspections  Dealing with older wiring systems can be a bit tricky for new homeowners and those who live in these older homes. Often in older homes (Pre-early 1960’s), we have ungrounded wiring syst...
 When simple is not that simple. Plumbing P-traps.Wenatchee Home InspectionsOften homeowner does not fully understand why we should do something when it comes to the home’s plumber.Here is an example of a simple P-trap that was installed improperly. Now in all fairness, this is a fairly simple co...
Washington State's "Hirst Decision", new law fixes Private Well         Issues for Homeowners.Wenatchee Home Inspections.From a court ruling in 2016 known as the “Hirst Decision”  homeowners had a restriction and some unknowns if they could use a private well for their water source. Before the “H...
Wednesday Wilds in Home Inspections- Rodents and Gnawing.Wenatchee Home Inspections. Rodents are a part of the world and have been very good at adapting to the human environment. They like what we provide as habitat but if not controlled can cause expensive and sometimes dangerous situations.Here...
Electric Heat Pump Water HeatersChelan Home InspectionsI think we will see more and more of these Heat Pump Water Heaters (HPWH) as the energy code requires to achieve a certain amount of energy credits based on structure size.http://www.energy.wsu.edu/Documents/Table_406_2_Energy_Credits_2012_WS...
The Upside Down- Stranger things of InsulationChelan Home Inspections             A popular TV show is “Stranger Things” which features the Upside Down, which is an alternate dimension existing in parallel to the normal world.  The Upside Down is devoid of human life much like the crawlspaces I v...
Wednesday Wilds in Home Inspections- How long to do it wrong?Wenatchee Home Inspections. I have wonder why so many that flip or renovate homes actually take as much time to do something wrong as it would to do it correctly. Here is an example, a simple drain from a bathtub. Whoever did the work u...
In memoriam of my Grandmother - Alzheimer’s diseaseI have just read this interesting and moving article on the late great Gene Wilder and his wife and their struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. This brought memories back of my grandmother who too was inflicted with the disease.Article Link-http://a...

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