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                         Panel Terminations of RomexWenatchee Home InspectionsOne of the most common occurrences with those who should not be doing there own electrical work is terminations at the panel. Romex(a trade name) or more specifically NM Cable has to be properly secured to the panel per...
Monday Morning ReflectionWenatchee Home Inspections At the end of my home inspection, with the sun starting to set in the west the shadows are starting to fill the gulches of Burch Mountain just north of Wenatchee.We all need to take a moment, look and appreciate our beautiful world.  "Keep close...
                                 Sunday Morning MuseWenatchee Home InspectionsAfter a good rain last night the morning brings a new day and beautiful breaking skies.                                                Looking south from central Wenatchee    “Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whol...
Traditional plumbing boots are not cracked up to handle the task of your new roof.Wenatchee Home Inspections With asphalt roof shingles designed to last much longer lasting than your dad’s older 3 tab asphalt roofs why has the plumbing vent boot followed in design? We still use those traditional ...
Wednesday Wilds in Home Inspections- Tumwater Canyon.Wenatchee Home Inspections. Coming back from an inspection I decided to take a quick drop down to the Wenatchee River in Tumwater Canyon. It was a little early in the afternoon for that nice evening light but still beautiful.Tumwater Canyon is ...
Auxiliary Grounding Bars And Neutral Terminations Wenatchee Home InspectionsOne of the most common issues we see is double lugged neutrals on the grounding/neutral bus. Often this is a very easy correction but if the bus bar is crowded often adding an auxiliary grounding bar.Link on why you canno...
                                Moon over Wenatchee                               Chelan Home Inspections Last night my wife as she was heading to work came and told me to come outside and look. Then there it was a big beautiful moon rise. So I grab my handy camera and take a photo.Here is to the...
Monday’s BloomWenatchee Home InspectionsSome days we just need a little flower in our life.     “Just living is not enough... one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” Hans Christian Andersen  If you find any errors or have additional information that would expand on any code, buildi...
RESIDENTIAL HOME INSPECTIONHome Inspection Licensing CourseWenatchee Home InspectionsAs many will know I am one of the instructors at the home inspection licensing course “The Fundamentals of Home Inspection” at Bellingham Technical College (BTC). As part of that course, we take our students out ...
Extending branch circuits off of ungrounded systems, 2 wire system no equipment ground.Chelan Home Inspections  Dealing with older wiring systems can be a bit tricky for new homeowners and those who live in these older homes. Often in older homes (Pre-early 1960’s), we have ungrounded wiring syst...

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