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Wenatchee and Chelan Home Inspection- Getting an Education When my Grandmother passed she left a legacy behind. One of those is being very well read. She had traveled by wagon and foot from Saskatchewan to New Mexico in the early 1900's as a 13 year old.  Telling me stories of drying clothes on t...
Okanogan and Chelan Inspections-Are you a Fungi or just exposed to one We are all live in an environment that exposes us to many kinds of molds, both inside and outside the house. With that said, some people will be more sensitive to mold and have allergies to some types of them. People suffering...
Wenatchee and Okanogan Home inspection- Lake Osoyoos Washington Living in North Central Washington sometimes my travels can take me far and wide. Just recently I was up in the Lake Osoyoos  area of Washington. Though this is a bit of a drive I really don't mind it once and a while. I have spent a...
Chelan and Okanogan Home Inspection- Eagle Creek- Leavenworth Wa I was performing an inspection just last week (before snow). The clients new digs has this lovely view. Even a better view from the front room one story up. Eagle creek road connects Leavenworth to the Mad River over the Entiat Moun...
Chelan and Okanogan Home Inspection- So I just had a Home Inspection. You found your dream home and made the offer. You have performed due diligence and hire a professional home inspection. You now have purchased the home and there are items from the inspection report or upgrades that you need to...
Wenatchee Home Inspections- I'm Stucco on you "Plaster" an ancient Greek application term meaning "to Daub on" was used to describe interior plaster dating back to 500 BC (crude plasters date back to 7500 BC). When it became popular to apply plaster on the exterior of structures the term "Stucco ...
Chelan and Douglas County Home Inspections-StormWater Control Private Facility Inspection and Enforcement Protocol                                                                "The Eastern Washington Phase II Municipal Storm-water Permit requires that we protect water quality and reduce the dis...
Chelan and Wenatchee Home Inspections- If you build it they will come!                                                       In some areas of the country, carpenter ants cause more damage to structures than termites.  They can cause extensive damage to wood members in a fairly short period of tim...
Wenatchee and Chelan Home Inspections- It‘s buzzing                                                There seems to be a general feel around Chelan and Douglas Counties that things are looking better. I get a new sense of optimism from many in the industry here. Will it last? No one knows, but if w...
Chelan home and pest inspections- Octopus's garden Every wonder what is creeping in your attic? Is it a monster that has never seen daylight? Here we see new construction using non-metallic flexible ducts. Many homes are built in with very tight budgets. So speed is king!   You are the judge on t...

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