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Permitted but not inspected…The Shocking Truth- Cle Elum Home Inspection                                                           One item a buyer should be aware of is if any permits have been issued to a home that has not been completed. This will be especially true if the plan is to perform a...
Foundation and Footing- Wenatchee Home InspectionEvery home needs to have a system in place to carry the weight of the home to the ground below it.Almost every house has a foundation and most foundations have a footing (we hope). These are items we really do not think much about and are critical ...
Winters OrnamentsThis has been a very frustrating few days. Chelan PUD who owns the fiber optic network  did some maintenance work. In doing so they knocked out the node I was on and down the system went. No Internet and no  voice over IP, Ouch!My back up connection are too slow so getting in and...
Jack of all Trades- Wenatchee Home InspectionsJack of all trades, master of none, is an aphorism.  As a home inspector this may be a just phrase.  Home inspectors maybe the epitome of this aphorism.But one thing we home inspectors do know is... what is wrong, is just wrong.Here we have a Jack of ...
Surface Tension- Wenatchee and Leavenworth Home InspectionIs this a grimace on your face? No!                                                                           What I am talking about is liquids, mainly water and a strange force it exerts called surface tension.Surface tension occurs betw...
Winter is drawing it cold grip on the waters of the Entiat River.                  Ice skating on the river is not too far away.     “Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected.”   Steve Jobs   NCW Home Inspections, LLC  is a Licensed Washing...
I would say the majority of us have a dryer in our home. But all too often I find during my home inspection that the installation of the dryer may be not what the “Manufacturer” requires or suggest.May of the box stores sell dryer vents that are not compliant with what is required from the manufa...
Magic Carpet Ride... Into SpaceIf your from Washington and more specifically the Seattle area then you know that Paul Allen  has been known to think pretty big. Well here is one that will rival the Spruce Goose.                                                        Paul Allen is funding another ...
Wenatchee Home Inspection Tuesday Afternoon Tweet With the temperatures dropping in the Entiat Valley I took a stroll into the woods.Ice is forming on all of the vegetation and I found this little treat.                             “Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environ...
When building a home you want professionals to perform the work. Hopefully these professionals will take some pride in the job that is performed.During a recent home inspection I came upon this curious little bit of craftsmanship.The contractor must of had some damaged material, in the old adage ...

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