zinsco panel: Melt Down in My Zinsco - 07/20/15 04:17 AM
Melt Down in My Zinsco                                                                Wenatchee Home Inspections
Zinsco dates back to the 1930’s as the  Zinsmeyer Company which officially became Zinsco in the early 1940’s then was sold to  GTE-Sylvania in 1973.

GTE-Sylvania Sticker on Zinsco style panel
This is a panel that I seem to see more issues with during a home inspection than any other panel.
Zinsco Split bus Panel
This example is an older split bus panel dating back to the mid 1950’s. Typically you will have in the upper section some of the larger 240v circuits such as ranges and furnaces,  and then one or two “double pole” breakers feeding the … (9 comments)

zinsco panel: It really is the pits- Zinsco Panels - 12/20/14 12:03 AM
It really is the pits-  Zinsco Panels
There are documented issues with Federal Pacific Panel (FPE) and the associated issues with their breakers and how the the Stab-Lok breaker attaches to the buss. The other infamous panel is the Zinsco  (which I have written on before).

(Zinsco split bus mains)
I see a few Zinsco Panels each year, about two to three times as many as FPE’s.  Yet I physically see more issues with the Zinsco panels even though I see fewer of them overall than the other major panel manufacturers such as Cutler Hammer or Square … (11 comments)

zinsco panel: Are you a flip flopper? Zinsco Breaker and Bus Design - 04/19/13 11:18 PM
Are you a flip flopper? Zinsco Breaker and Bus Design Wenatchee and Chelan Building Inspection
Well if you have been following me you know that I am not a big fan of the Zinsco panels and breakers.
I have many reasons for this, one is it may just burn your house down. I know that seems a little strong but hey I did not design these things. And when you have a garbage design, I get to say so!
When I see a Zinsco panel during a home inspection I let my clients know that in my professional … (21 comments)

zinsco panel: Zinsco Panels- Why they should go- Chelan and Wenatchee Real Estate Inspections - 04/30/12 12:08 AM
Zinsco Panels- Why they should go- Chelan and Wenatchee Real Estate Inspections
Zinsco and the more infamous Federal Pacific Panels are well known by the Home Inspection and electrician community.  The Zinsco panel may be under the name of Sylvania, GTE-Sylvania or Kearney.
The Zinsco panels may work for years, but there is an underlying … (15 comments)

zinsco panel: A Closet Case- Chelan Home Inspection - 03/17/12 03:38 AM
A Closet Case- Chelan Home Inspection
One thing with newer home is they tend to have more closet space. Older homes tend to have fewer and smaller closets.
I know in my home we have a very nice walk in closet. A large dedicated space for shoes, belts and lots of clothes, but this is dedicated to my lovely wife.  No room for boy’s clothes there.
So when someone renovates a home closet space is usually a must have addition to any master bedroom.
During this particular home inspection we have a case where the renovation and closet addition did not … (7 comments)





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