certified: This guy is not having a good day. - 02/19/08 09:09 AM
I see a lot of strange things driving through the streets of New York. I came across this today on my way home from work. I couldn't help but to stop and take a few pictures to share.
I feel very bad for the man that was driving the truck. He will probably loose his job over this.
They spray paint on the clearence sign coming in does make it difficult to read.
I used to have a tractor, many years ago. Anytime it looked close, I used to inch my way under, hanging out, or getting out and checking. It was scary.
One time, … (17 comments)

certified: What's wrong with the way this circuit breaker panel is wired??? - 02/15/08 11:39 AM
I came across this yesterday. I'm going to  put it out there for a while so we can have some fun. What's wrong with this?
This photo was taken in a multiple dwelling. A 21 story, 200+ apartment type building. I don't know how many of the units are wired this way, but, the impression  got was that it was "more than a few."
Another problem I find in this type of building is fire wall/penetration faults.
In the picture above, you can see that during the conversion of a commercial to residential 16 story building, holes that were never repaired, were chopped to … (19 comments)

certified: Blogjacking - 02/03/08 05:49 AM
I don't know if this is a "usual" and accepted practice, but here goes.
I find that contributing in different forums has increased my search ratings when someone enters certain keywords into a search. Of course, we all know this.
I try not to "blog" simply for the purpose of "blogging" and I certainly put plenty of effort to keep my contributions original and worthy.
During a recent search, I found that someone has attached their website to a blog that I posted.
When you look at search results, you see my name and a partial of the blog. When you click on it, it brings … (11 comments)

certified: Cricket anyone? - 01/30/08 08:22 AM
Have you ever looked at something and before you could stop yourself, shouted out "Oh smailto:s#@*!"I just left a crawlspace where I encountered this:Image Insert:82.8 KBImage Insert:66.31 KBImage Insert:74.99 KBImage Insert:64.87 KBEach picture is of a different joist. Each and every joist was covered with these guys. I was afraid to pull down any insulation, I thought they would eat me! I would have taken more pictures, but my digital camera was almost out of film.Came across some of this too:Image Insert:57.2 KBImage Insert:66.86 KBEven found a few of these:Image Insert:81.74 KBBut this was the scariest!!!!Image Insert:58.18 KB … (14 comments)

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