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Sometimes, just one or two phrases in a song hit home and create a cascade of thoughts and memories. This happened again when I heard this song, Only Fools Believe, by the Doobie Brothers. The particular words that spurred my little old brain were close to the middle of the song.But what a fool b...
Over the radio, I heard the classic “Snoopy’s Christmas and the Red Baron." Suddenly visions of the two ACE pilots zooming in and out of the clouds filled my head. What does it take to be an ACE? For me, I believe an ACE in any role especially for Realtors takes these actions: A = AssessC= Clarif...
How many of Active Rain members remember Sally Field's Academy Award acceptance speech?  She was full of emotion when she said “you really like me.”  Back then when I heard her remark, the philosopher within me immediately thought "Why did she require validation from others to like herself?"  The...
Yesterday, the Decades cable channel had a repeat of a salute to the Ed Sullivan Show. Among the many acts revisited were the Dave Clark Five singing "Catch Us If You Can." I had not heard this song for many years. With the New Year fast approaching, what an appropriate sales and marketing theme ...
Yesterday in tying up some loose ends, I heard this song, “I Believe Most People Are Good” again on the radio and realized how much it is connected to life’s interactions. I believe most people are good. By having this attitude, one enters all interactions including real estate with a positive at...
Another Monday morning and it will be good for me. So how do you start your week? Do you look forward to it thinking “it was all I hoped it would be?” Do you recognize Monday morning “couldn’t guarantee” the rest of the week will be good? Possibly you recognize that you “can’t trust that day; Mon...

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