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Going beyond the plethora of listings to discover what is keeping realtors from sustainable sales success.



Much of life is about our expectations, our beliefs. This is a favorite short story of mine and totally relates to real estate. A young man was walking into a town. On the outskirts sat a home with an old man in his rocking chair. The young man walked up to the old man and politely asked “What ki...
Being in real estate sales has a lot of pluses. For example, selling vacant has few inspections, limited amendments and usually a cash deal. The minuses are usually low commissions due to low listing prices and the same amount of paperwork regardless of listing price. This past week I invested ar...
Have you ever received an offer to purchase (Purchase Contract or Purchase Agreement) with mistakes, serious ones? Recently I had the opportunity to review such a contract one of my team members shared as a learning experience. Given I have only been in this industry for only three years, I thoug...
With the 97.7% of U.S. businesses having fewer than 20 employees, salespeople are now also responsible for keeping customers. These small firms including real estate do not have the financial wherewithal to maintain dedicated customer service departments. Salespeople are customer service people b...
Selling only happens after you are speaking with a potential ideal customer. If the marketing has been executed well, you should be speaking with a qualified ideal customer. What happens as other noted sales experts have written salespeople in their desire to increase sales waste a lot of time wi...
When we market our businesses, the purpose is rather simple: To attract attention and to begin to build a relationship. This attraction may begin with a visit to your website to actually walking through your brick and mortar doors. From this simple purpose, the goal of marketing is also two-fold:...
The assessments have been completed. Clarity is now reality. This third step is strategic execution. Research suggests the super majority of strategy execution fails. (2015 article by Candido and Santos in the Journal of Management & Organization). Many of the reasons for failure of strategic exe...
From the completed assessments, the mid-size to small business is able to clarify what needs to be done for effective execution. Possibly through clarification priorities will change and should change. At this time, the small business owner, that means you, will be able to clarify:         Critic...
Very few things in life intentionally remain the same. Our world is dynamic. Even when we sleep our bodies are in motion from the sub-conscious thoughts to the slow beating of our hearts. The status quo is a false sense of non-movement. Those who hold onto what they believe is working, the status...

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