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There is a radio commercial regarding disaster preparedness and discusses this question “What’s in your go bag?” A child asks the parent “What is a go bag?” The parent explains it holds things necessary during an emergency and “It's something we don’t have for things we need.” This commercial rem...
Funny thing about sales, sometimes it is the simplest attitudes that increase sales. One must sales attitude I have discovered is “time is of the essence.” Having 20 plus years in corporate inside sales long before email, texts and yes even faxes, the most important sales attitude was being timel...
Success is something most people want. The commercial about what is in your wallet is truly about success in making credit card purchases. As Realtors, we too want success especially sales success. We have wallets and more importantly toolboxes. Those boxes range from marketing (brochures and bus...
Maybe because I am older, I remember from my childhood my mother setting me down at the kitchen table to write thank you cards for Birthday and Christmas gifts. She would address the envelopes when I was younger. As I grew up and my handwritting improved, I addressed the envelopes myself. I passe...
With all the turmoil in our country which is creating hourly changes from lenders to appraisers, the lyrics to a Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel truly reflect what we do as Realtors. Many of us have transactions in escrow and our clients are definitely feeling “weary, feeling sm...
As Realtors and as sales professionals, we ask important questions to improve the sales relationship to move the sales lead from the initial property inquiry to an accepted offer to hopefully close of escrow. However, there may be one fact finding sales question we may fail to ask. That question ...
So often we fail to utilize the obvious in our sales conversations. If we believe sales is the transference of feelings, then stories build and strengthen the relationship selling bridge between the Realtor and the client. Now with some free time, why not develop your personal story? Of course, a...
Anger is viewed as a negative emotion. Maybe during these turbulent times we may need to look at anger differently. What I am suggesting anger creates a 3-tine fork in the road. We can continue with anger and direct that anger at others. Taking this fork only increases stress and fuels other non-...
Yesterday I wrote a blog about “sales attitude.” In writing that piece, I suddenly realized the sales leads for real estate actually flow through five different sales pipelines. Also, the sales leads demands and time requirements on us as Realtors vary for each sales pipeline as well. #1 - In esc...
Well, the first quarter for 2020 is now history. I just ran my sales numbers and no I didn’t meet my sales goal. What I did meet was not having any expired, rejected or cancelled offers. The previous year I had 5 of those time wasters in the first quarter. My second quarter had even more offers t...

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